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Love Me Even More

Updated on July 30, 2015
LupitaRonquillo profile image

Lupita is the founder of Vegan Health and Yoga and is completing a masters in holistic nutrition. She is also writing a novel.


I'm broken
lying here
left alone and crying tears.

Its useless
I won't go on
as they tell me
My heart is froze and won't respond.

But as I wait a little more
my body stuck now to the floor
I close my eyes and see a light,
and its midnight..

So I opened my eyes still lying in the dark,
something told me
That He will love me even more.
So I closed my eyes to come back to the light
and suddenly felt right
He will love me even more
Love and keep me...

If I'm walking
and you see me
Just what it is that set me free.

Loving you
took me far away
But this time you will see me pray.

So when you come around again
to try and fill me up with blame
My faith will keep me off that floor
with a big roar!

And when I open my eyes and still just see the dark
I will be fine
He will love me even more.
And when I close my eyes and come back to the light
I will see Him
And He will love me even more
Love and keep me...

I only pray that we are found
I know that it will be profound
and hope that its the same for you!

But until I learn to stand for love
I'll keep on praying high above
to keep your word and get me through!

So when I open my eyes just lying in the dark
sad and lonely
I know you'll love me even more
Love me
Even more.

© 2015 LupitaRonquillo


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    • shprd74 profile image

      Hari Prasad S 2 years ago from Bangalore

      Hope is a great gift, to own.

      Though we know, is cause of all our pain.

      Probably it is this pain, we take instride?

      To keep this Hope, alive.

      It is a sweet poison,

      For us human being.