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The Love Of One

Updated on April 3, 2012

Should I boast of the berries that you fed me while I lay upon your chest?

Should I boast of the time I searched you out to know your wonders?

I found you amongst the lilies of the valley

Should I boast of how you lead me by my hand through the misty forest?

The Plush dew grass that wet my feet, how the wind blew through my dress;

How about the fragrance of your love as we toiled in your secret place?

Should I tell of all the secrets you whispered as you kissed me on my ears?

My heart beat as the beating of a drum

My breath as the music of a violin

My skin smooth as the oil from your olive press

I’ve followed no other as I have followed you

My heart continuously long to be in your place

My hair wet with the dew of the grass

My soul felt wrapped in satin

My eyes were as mirrors, I seen you only

Come close, and stay me till the morning I leave not till you are through

You are comely as the willow tree

You hid me within your foliage

You brushed against my flesh to remind me you were there

Calling come away with me, don’t leave until I am through

Look up into the sun as you lay upon the dew

I will tell you of my love for you, and sing the whole night through

Watch as the sun transform into stars, that I will number just for you

Still away with me my love, stay the whole night through

Taste the nectar come morning of butterfly kiss

Your face shined golden bronze from the pollen of the honey bees

And your love as honey too

This is my secret place

My love I have for you

Come away I call to you

And stay until I’m through. ©Sharon Smith 4/3/12


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  • SwiftlyClean profile image

    SwiftlyClean 5 years ago from Texas

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment JDove-Miller.


    Sharon Smith

  • JDove-Miller profile image

    JDove-Miller 5 years ago from YOUNGSVILLE

    Beautiful sentiment. Thanks for sharing.