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Relationship Poem: Confused Feelings

Updated on April 08, 2013

There are times you have hurt me

But it's hard to show you the way

you've scared me and confused me

When I keep hiding it away

As often as I'm quiet

I have screamed inside

But I've tried to face the truth

Before I've found a place to hide

I have found and lost reality

Pretending to be strong

Searched myself for answers

What am I doing wrong?

I've wished I wasn't so naieve

I've wanted to express

Words to show my honest thoughts

At the right time to confess.

But I've held it all in so long now

That it's no longer clear

There seems no easy answer

There seems so much to fear

I don't always look the way I feel

Can you see in me?

Can you help me find the courage

To set my feelings free?


Author: StricktlyDating


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    • profile image

      ILuvUKenton 6 years ago from The corner of Forever and Heartbreak

      I love it! You have no idea how much this applys to me.

    • stricktlydating profile image

      StricktlyDating 6 years ago from Australia

      G'day AussiePrincess, thanks for your comment!

    • Hmrjmr1 profile image

      Hmrjmr1 7 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Great Hub and Poem! Communication is the foundation of relationships, when it's good it's solid, when it's not it's tipsy. The good news is you can always fix it if you choose to. You just have to have the strength to choose it in a positive way...GBY

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