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Love Poems: Short Love Poems

Updated on September 17, 2010

Love Poems

Love poems warm the heart and make people smile. Most anyone can write a love poem and for those that can’t, there are plenty of love poems already out there for you to use to make your lover swoon. Love poems come in all different varieties. There are love poems for her, love poems for him, funny love poems, romantic love poems, short love poems, and many more.

Short Love Poem

If you want to write a short love poem, you may want to try writing a cinquain. These short love poems consist of just five lines. This is the format for writing a short love poem as a cinquain.

Line 1: Noun

Line 2: Description of Noun

Line 3: Action

Line 4: Feeling or Effect

Line 5: Synonym of the noun.

Example of a short love poem


Strong, protective, and caring

He holds me tight against his chest

And I feel safe and loved


Love Poems for Him

Men appreciate love poems as much as women do. Writing a love poem for him takes just a few minutes and lets him know how you feel about him. The above cinquain makes a great love poem for him or here is another example.

My husband, since the day we met

I knew it was you I had to get.

You made me laugh. You made me smile.

The longest time felt like a short while.

The way you hold me and the way you kiss.

No other lover I will ever miss.

In your arms forever I will stay.

I will be by your side all the way.

Love Poems for Her

Of course, every woman appreciates a love poem for her. A love poem for her can make her feel more special than flowers, candy, or other gifts because it comes from the heart. Here is an example of a love poem for her.


Beautiful, sensual, loyal.

Runs her fingers down my back

Feels like heaven on earth.


Funny Love Poems

If you are not the romantic type, funny love poems can send the same thoughtful message with a little added humor. Slip a funny love poem in a card to make her feel loved and to make her laugh.

I first saw you in a wet t-shirt.

And decided to try a little flirt.

The way you looked soaking wet

Made me think wife, kids, and pet.

And, since I got you in my bed

I knew it was you I had to wed.

Romantic Love Poems

When humor isn’t appropriate, romantic love poems are a thoughtful gift. The funny love poem might not be so effective if the relationship is on the rocks. In this case, try romantic love poems.


Gorgeous, smart, intoxicating.

Wraps her arms around me

It feels right and perfect.

Soul mate.

A Great Love Poems Video


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    • shalone86 profile image

      Shalone Cason 4 years ago from Florida

      Very informative article. Thanks.

    • unknown spy profile image

      IAmForbidden 5 years ago from Neverland - where children never grow up.

      simply beautiful!

    • schoolgirlforreal profile image

      schoolgirlforreal 5 years ago

      awesome! thanks

    • profile image

      anonymous 6 years ago

      I like the 5 line format for writing a love poem. I think someone can use this to come up with many creative poems.

      Very useful.

    • Silent hurricane profile image

      Silent hurricane 6 years ago from Israel

      I liked it, thank you for sharing. Check out my new hub if you want =)

    • profile image

      rafiq 6 years ago

      very f9

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 6 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      Interesting hub.

    • sunkentreasure profile image



      If I could be ...

      The sun shining down on your face

      The soft breeze blowing through your hair

      If I could be ...

      The ring you wear on your hand

      The food you taste and bite

      The spot where you sit or stand

      The blanket that covers you at night.

      If I could only be ...

      (c) Bernard Levine

    • DimitriLive profile image

      DimitriLive 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Great Hub!!!

    • moneycop profile image

      moneycop 6 years ago from JABALPUR

      good i like ur poems...go on write some romantic big ones

    • cblack profile image

      cblack 6 years ago from a beach somewhere

      Thanks Little Kim and Ebower. I thought the pictures were cute too.

    • Ebower profile image

      Erin Bower 6 years ago from Georgia

      You have some cute poems and pictures here! I voted this up and awesome.

    • Little Kim profile image

      Little Kim 6 years ago from Any town U.S.A.

      Great advice. I have been trying to shorten my poetry. Less is more if you get the point across.

    • cblack profile image

      cblack 7 years ago from a beach somewhere

      Thnaks Eiddwen. I am a bit of a novice at poetry but I try my best!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 7 years ago from Wales

      Hi cblack I loved the hub, song and poems. Well done and thanks for sharing.