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Love Poems by rebekahELLE

Updated on January 25, 2015


Love is an infinite spiral, forever existing in some form of energy.
Love is an infinite spiral, forever existing in some form of energy. | Source

"Sometimes we just need to sit outdoors and listen closely to heaven... above us, around us, within us. "


I have written my entire life. I have journals, old notebooks, computer files, torn slips of paper with inspiration, poetic utterances scribbled quickly, so as not to forget. I remember one of my first poems written while a young girl. It was titled, "The Horse That Jumped Over The Rainbow." I always knew I wanted to write, and as I grew older, I imagined what it meant to be in love. Was it kind of like the love in fairy tales?

What is love? So many definitions, so many feelings, so many songs and poems are penned, describing this mysterious, elusive, overwhelming, dark, radiant, effusive energy we call love. I share with you two of my poems about love. The first is written as three short, separate poems packaged together as Love, Gift Divine. The second is deeper, asking the reader to ponder the measureless dimensions of love, and its greater purpose in this grand circle of life. Surely, something as enduring as love never dies, so, Where Does Love Go When You Let It Go?

Loves First Breath...

his touch doth bring"
his touch doth bring"

Love, Gift Divine

Loves first breath

his touch doth bring,

to lift the veil


open my world

to a perfect ray of dawn.

Its gentle light

whispers love, gift divine.

Tenderness so soft as the perfect sapling,

pure and sweet to my taste.

Eyes like dark planets,

I become lost in their passion

in this language of love with no words.

Its seed lands gracefully

to sprout and take root

in my deepest heart,

ever growing this eternal blossom

which brings such beauty to my world.

Only one thought of you
brings stillness to my soul.
Your love doth fill my cup,
and runs down my hand
to touch my heart with
this gift of you.

copyright. rebekahELLE


... a pure drop of rain
... a pure drop of rain

Where Does Love Go When You Let It Go?

This love that we breathed
and let flow through our veins,

does it now fall from the heavens
a pure drop of rain?

Oh, where does it go when you let it


Does it fall upon a blade of grass
spring up as the lovely flower of June?

Does it fill the song of a bird

softly in the night?

Dare I should turn around
expect to catch the last setting shades of the

Echoes heard in the

Aegean Sea,

rippled currents

calling again



his name.

copyright. rebekahELLE

Rumi Love Poems

Claire de lune by Claude Debussy


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