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Love, Sweet Love, A Dedication to Taiwokareem, by Manatita

Updated on February 3, 2017
manatita44 profile image

Manatita is an esteemed author living in London, UK. He writes spiritual books, flash fiction and esoteric poetry, his favourite genre.

Flowers of the Heart


Light and Beauty


"Love is the revelation of life.

Life is the manifestation of Love."- Sri Chinmoy.

Last night’s twilight hours,

Saw wondrous stars singing and dancing in my heart.

A new and silent deliverance had just transformed it,

Into a Temple of beautiful flowers.

Deep within, I was lavishly adorned and decorated

By the crown of His glory.

No scent was spared;

Fragrances permeated from above, below, forward, within …

I was bedecked with oils from an ethereal realm.

Ah! Such translucent Light!

The inner eye fixed with enchantment,

My caged bird of millennia,

Now roamed freely in the firmament,

And I reeled as in a drunken stupor.

What have you done, O seeker?

Why bring intoxicants in the presence of the Beloved?

As the sweet, secret and sacred Word embraced me,

I was overwhelmed, and became mute.


Drifting, .. drifting … all thoughts lost in blissful void,

A deep serenity as of the ocean’s bed takes hold.

I am awake to the inner melodies of myriad Seers.

Sri Chinmoy’s flute is resonating in my Soul.

A supernal realm approaches, my Soul cries.

Joyous and bounteous is this moment!

I sail upon a boat of supernal Delight,

And merge in union with my Lord.

-Manatita, Bard of Solace. © Copyrighted, 1st September, 2014.

~Awakening the inner Light ~



Mystical experiences

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Meditative music

© 2014 manatita44


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    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      I know my Sweet, Deb. God gives us in different ways, and you are the master there; I bow to you. Happy to see you once again. Much Love.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 

      4 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      As long as I am within nature, I am in my perfect surroundings.

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      Thank you, Audrey.

      I really appreciate your contribution. Have a great day today.

    • AudreyHowitt profile image

      Audrey Howitt 

      4 years ago from California

      Beautiful write as always--just inspirational!

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      My Dear Brother,

      Thank you with my sincere admiration and soulful embrace for your loving contribution. God bless your beauty-heart.

    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      This was a magnificent poem, and a most wonderful part of my day to read it. Best wishes, Manatita.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      My Beautiful Friend.

      How are you? must be hard for you not writing much. I treasure your spirit and wish you well. God's Peace.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      4 years ago from TEXAS

      The words are mere emissaries for the spirit of love. Beautiful ~ and my favorite line is:

      '. . . A deep serenity as of the ocean’s bed takes hold . . . '

      What a peaceful, glorious sense of being that brings and expresses.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Blossom thank you so much. Really happy that you like it. Have a great evening!

      Michelle: You are not so bad yourself. I like a lot of your Hubs. Very positive and filled with admirable qualities for all. Higher blessings.

    • midget38 profile image

      Michelle Liew 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      Beautiful perspective, Manatita.

    • BlossomSB profile image

      Bronwen Scott-Branagan 

      4 years ago from Victoria, Australia

      Such a great use of words and what a beautiful poem.

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      My deepest condolences, Dear Doris.

      I really thought about you in NY. So sorry to hear about your Friend. I do not know the Master's Will. May she rest in peace in His eternal lap of Love and wonderment.

      Yes. I think it's fair to say that I seem to write for you, as well as a few others here. Here are some very significant spiritual words: Receptivity; purity; assimilation; gratitude, devotion ... Receptivity you most definitely show. You can read about purity in Chapter 13 of my book as well as the Chapter called the Human Psyche, especially when describing the Vital. Of course you may excel in all these others. Quien sabe?

      My Sister is remarkable and bears her burden well. I think I will write a piece about my trip soon. How are you finding the book? It is not that I know more than anyone else, but I sat at the feet of a man of God for 32 yrs. Ask questions, I will most definitely give answers that you can apply to your own spiritual practice. Praise God!

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      Thanks Ruby.

      A lot of them are designed to be read together, and especially in the quiet periods when you meditate a.m and p.m. God bless your loving heart.

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      Thank you so much. So happy that you liked this poem. A deep one, this. Really appreciate your contribution. Hari Om Tat Sat

    • Doris Dancy profile image

      Doris H. Dancy 

      4 years ago from Yorktown, Virginia

      Hello My Friend,

      Your words bring such a calm to the spirit and the soul of me. Even without the music, the imagery speaks of peace and harmony which is the byproducts of love.

      My very good friend passed away last week, but she left such a spirit of love that is so vivid in her daughters.

      I am glad that you had an inspiring and reflecting trip to NY, and I do hope that your Sister will be better soon. Take care and as always, my friend, stay cool.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Beautiful! Especially reading while listening to the meditative music, serenity at it's best. Thank you...

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 

      4 years ago from New Delhi, India

      Wonderfully expressed and what a tribute to a wonderful hubber!

      You are the best at expressing the magical words----so peaceful and serene!

      Amazing pictures and beautiful poem!

    • taiwokareem profile image

      Taiwo Kareem 

      4 years ago from Salford

      Thanks a lot bro

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      The language itself is cloaked in awe, my Bro, and yes, some words are lofty too. For the spiritual or esoteric poet, they simply fit this space: ethereal, supernal, celestial, heavenly, translucent. Some exquisite ones representing the inner Light such as effulgence, radiance, resplendence ...

      Representing the inner music such as resonance, cadence, rhapsody, melody ... one simply has to be careful that they are not used too much. So I switch to flowers, and temple ... things that represent or bring forward the inner beauty of the Soul.

      This is a love offering. Read slowly and you will feel its beauty. Still, do not worry about words, I like the sweet simplicity of your Spirit, and your empathetic side. So simply read, play the video and just be ... OM Shanti! (wishing you deep peace within)

    • manatita44 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from london

      Bill, I thank you so much for your kind words. I really appreciate this. This one is extra special, yes. Have a great day!

    • taiwokareem profile image

      Taiwo Kareem 

      4 years ago from Salford

      Oh Manatita, its with such great pleasure that I read this poem dedicated to me and I kinda figured out its best I check every words in the dictionary. Now my friends are like "why do you write so formal" yet I know im still a learner

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      You excel at poetry and this is a perfect example. So uplifting...a great way to end my day.

      peace be with you



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