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Love: Through a young lens

Updated on May 2, 2009

LOVE 911: Through a teenager’s lens
Love in our case a traditional phrase especially at our age (young ages). When you say you have fallen in love as some people might say this extra-ordinary emotion as unstable as it seems marks new changes in your life. Some people say that your actions towards the so-called loved one define who you are, they shape the methods in which you express your identity or simply who you truly are.

The other partner in usually expected to share the same feeling. He is also expected to give u hand when you fall on your face or simply help you  when you find yourself stuck in a dark corner or alley!!
Well, love at first is built over appearance. It might evolve into the love of the soul and acceptance of the partner as he/she is. And if it doesn’t, well that happens a lot in our age, it soon faces destruction or let me say extinction for that kind of love disappears, as beauty fades with wrinkles and time goes by. Well i am not telling you that we aren’t attracted first to the beauty or the amazing qualities that your partner exhibits but we shouldn’t base our attention and admiration over material stuff and that seems impossible at our age. And so, love at this tender age and when i say love , i mean true love as some of us call it is kind of rare but I am not going to say it is impossible .

Love hurts, that isn't a subject under debated. But what really values is your love  and how much you are ready to give and sacrifice for your partner in order to stay together. Another very imp question is: Are u ready for compromises and how much are u willing to give!! Is it just a game to u a fling, or just to make another guy sweat like a wet dog?

I can’t tell u love is sweet for love is life's right demon or angel it depends on how u play your game and how much are you going to give up for the love of your life but sometimes life enjoys bringing you down and stuffing its foot down your throat and in many cases love takes its rightful place and becomes life's right hand . In this case right LEG lol...Well  I am not telling you it’s going to be easy but u have to take a step and hope for the best not forgetting the worse. As an advice you have to keep your feet on the ground no matter what and don’t hope for too much above reality nor stick with the less.


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      WOW! i hope you all the best of luck and happiness my friend. I wish you feel all the LOVE!May you always be happy 1

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Very true. Well, you know that i have loved, and I have LOVED. Today I love, and am in love. Been with her now today for 19 years. It's her anniv.