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Love Under The Bridge

Updated on September 3, 2013

Violin Bow

Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography

As I reflect

Writing you a love letter, I think that's what I was doing, yeah, I'm almost sure of it. I never intended to write poetry.

I always knew I had something to say, knew I wanted to write, but not poetry.

I felt like a Bow without the perfect Violin. Sure, any violin can be played with any bow, but when you have the perfect combination of the two the music transcends into oratory gold.

It is so pure and sweet that you would have to experience that special love for yourself to truly understand.

Then out of the blue you stole my heart and to this day you still hold my voice captive......."You Have Control of My Pen."

I found communicating became easier when it was through scores of 8 taking quick. short. breaths on downbeats in repetition of 4's Amazing how you altered my thinking to counts.

Can I count on him to love me forever?

Can I count on being the love he won't ever forget?

I've tried to write about poems that weren't centered around you but my heart silenced. I felt like I was cheating love.

Even my simple heart knows that everything is you, "You Are The Aroma of Love."

How could happiness catch me off guard and direct love to place you forever in my heart? Your love is the reason that I see music in everything.

I see the joy in pain and hope in what others perceive as despair.

Wind Chimes

Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography

Then came the days when I thought you were continuously talking right but walking left.

I didn't know if I was coming or going.

I didn't know if I wanted things to return to the way they were or if I just wanted to be free from your spell.

No one deserves that much power. Certainly not a mere man; after-all, "You Are Only A Man" and yet, "I Blame You."

Misguided by "The Illusion of Love," hours were divided into ours and multiplied back again to cause a beautiful partnership to disintegrate after transforming into battleships.

Insecurity blew thoughts around the corners of my mind as frivolously as tangled wind chimes until I became tone death, unable to hear the music our hearts created.

I was "Content" with "Shades of Grey." I went from making plans for our future to making plans to sleep through the pain. I was tired of fighting to sustain reoccurring fantasies of a life with you.

Nothing seemed to make sense, but it was perfectly clear. The fact is that you complete me, "Completely."

Microphones & Drums

Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography

Trying to find myself led me on a fast track further, and further away from you. I was running from love. The air was always too thick to breathe when I was with you.

I was mentally exhausted from trying to escape something that was engraved in my soul, etched in my every thought, branded deeply within my heart.

My heart beat was comparable to that of a single percussionist playing the wrong peace over a thousand microphones.

Experiencing countless "Unexplainable" "Encounters" made me vow to love you forever if GOD would allow me a second chance at first love.

That's when I decided to make sure I show you, tell you everyday that I love you endlessly and live with "No Regrets."


Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography


Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography

I almost loss sight of that when an old friend asked me a very simple question, "Why do you write?" I immediately thought of you and my open love letters and I smiled.

Thank you for that smile. You weren't even around, but you owned the moment.

My friend and I talked for hours, sharing accomplishments, struggles, and ministries.

Somehow our conversation led us to discussing the most beautiful love story I have heard in quite some time.

A loving couple with meager means frequent the same restaurant when they can afford to buy food. The couple orders the same menu selections each visit; one entre and one glass of water. They share the meal and the water and the only tip they can afford is humility.

They are always polite, clean the area where they eat before they leave, and thank the staff for allowing them to share a buffet style meal.

I remember thinking how sweet that was until I found out that they live under The Bridge.

I was immediately envious of the love they share until I asked myself could I live life in love with you under the bridge?

The answer is YES. I am not sure where "The Travels of Love" will take us, but I know that as long as I am with you there will always be Music in everything I see.

Keyboard & Equalizer

Aj Johnson Photography
Aj Johnson Photography


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    • Poeticbuttafly profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Houston, Texas

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you allowing me to share your gift and your story. We never know what the day will hold for us and I am so happy that GOD allowed our paths to cross again.


    • profile image

      Aj Johnson 

      5 years ago

      Shawn, "God don't make no mistakes"! It was meant for me to come sit in McDonalds and cross your path on yesterday. I will go back even further, it was MEANT for us to meet at PVU many years ago. It was MEANT for us to travel towards the East together. YOU are a blessing and you have gift, that you are going to bless the world with one day. I have had my pictures on the gallery wall at school, but never have I seen them displayed so beautifully, nor have I seen them with titles that fit them so perfectly. I am SUCH a sap, over her crying and all at the words and the pictures. It is like I have never seen them before. Today as I was heading to get the car expected, the very homeless persons you speak of were sitting at the BW8 and I-45. The next time I see them and if I get to stop at the light, I am going to ask their permission to take the picture.


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