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Love Your Sport, No Matter How Dangerous It Is

Updated on November 4, 2017

Sports are our own pastimes. They make the weekend at home sweeter. We in the US typically love our Football, Baseball, Hockey, and Basketball etc. They are among our favorite sports. And as in every country, every sport has their own types of danger.

Football is physically dangerous to arms, shoulders, ankles, fingers, and can cause serious head trauma and possible paralysis. Hockey is physically dangerous to arms, shoulders, ankles, fingers, can cause head trauma, and damages mentally when you lose a fight badly.

Now, there are other sports, worldwide, which are extremely dangerous. Most people look at some of them them and say no one will ever see the day they are caught doing this sport.

Well, I’m here push you extreme sports lovers into enjoying your sport anyway. Love your sport, no matter how dangerous it is.

1: Base Jumping

Even though we can plunge and accidentally fall to certain death after smashing into the ground like a bug on a windshield, you can’t beat the exhilaration of even that unknowing.

This sport is so dangerous that when you jump a number of things can happen to your parachute. It won’t open, it gets tangled, or you forget it and jump out without it.

Yeah, it’s rough.

But it’s a good time altogether because it's your good time. And every second is a maximum burst of adrenaline, and rush of excitement you can't pay for. And although your sport is deemed dangerous to people mentally and physically, love your sport anyway, and do it with all your sense and will.


2: Diving

This is fun and beautiful. Beautiful because of the coral reefs. The sea life is a wonder to behold. There are living vegetation of all shapes and sizes. It's a magical experience.

However, there are also tons of caverns and holes in the ocean. There are ridges. There is darkness in certain waters and it’s quite spooky. This makes diving a little troublesome.

But how it gets dangerous is the sharks, sea snakes, and big freaky looking crabs, like the ones in Japan. Not to mention, many other creatures that are strong enough to drag you somewhere underwater, bite you, swallow you, eat you, or give you serious mortal wounds.

One thing about this sport, you got to be careful who’s country's or island's water you go into because you don’t want to dive in a pool of Jellyfish, piranha, or sharks. You might even want to stay clear of the sting rays.

This sport is dangerous, it can kill you, but it’s your sport and you love it. I say do it as long as you're alive to do it.


3: Cave Diving

The name of this makes it incredibly iffy. Who dives into a place consisting of rocks and boulders with no discernible outlaid path or route; it’s just crazy.

At least with the diving, there is water to slow the impact if you should hit a rock. With this sport, there is no way to go in the right or wrong way. And also, claustrophobia is associated with this sport. You are underwater in caves, with limited light, on borrowed oxygen from your tank.

But most of you dive into this sport; it's an exciting rush and you will do it and love it. You will get that incredible fearful anxiety going down into the cave's darkness and the mystery of this underground place.

This sport just so happens to be a little too much for a lot of people, but for you, you daredevil you, take it on. Again, I say do it and enjoy every single minute of it.

4: Bull Riding

Okay, you got to have major unknown and strong confidence to do this one. Being tossed and possibly stepped on or trampled to death by a 2000 pound mound of moving living flesh, what can beat this rush?

Sure, it's possible you could suffer terrible trauma and damages to your spine upon being tossed. You could lose the ability to use your legs if you are stepped on in the wrong way. This should be taken into consideration if even if you are a pro.

If you have the heart to take it on, more power to you. Your bravery is truly rare. This sport is as dangerous and unpredictable as all the others, and you should love it no less. If you're practicing bull riding, love it and enjoy it, even with the possibilities it holds.


5: Street Luging

This is the most dangerous sport I have ever seen and heard of. You are going at an incredible speed down the road on your back. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn’t for the fact that you can't really steer at the incredible speed you're going in.

Someone can kill you by running over you because of the lack of a steering. If you venture on the opposite side of the road you know, to the oncoming traffic, you can’t really steer yourself back on the right side when a car comes.

Not to mention that cars and trucks can’t really see you, due mostly to your speed, and that may lead to physical harm or death.

Even in this case, if this is your sport, love every single minute of doing it right down to your last minute.


6: Mountain Climbing

Okay, I have a thing about heights with a roller coaster, but strangely mountain climbing does not bother me. I love the idea of mountain climbing. It is something about the earth being directly under me is all I can come up with. I love this.

This is my sport or thing. It's the scenery, the conquest, the finish, the ability to say I did this; I took this mountain, am a conqueror. Kind of got wrapped up in that.

Back to the point.

Okay, this sport is dangerous because you are going up and down a mountain. You could lose your footing and fall, among other things, or you could meet a cougar. You could also meet a mountain goat or some type of ram, that for whatever reason is in a bad mood on your way up or down. This can throw a monkey-wrench in the descent or ascent especially when it bumps you or just cheap-shots you from the back, off your footing. Not to mention the cougars may come around for a morning snack. It would definitely take whatever you got.

Yep, it's dangerous, but it's my sport and I love it. Death or not, I'll love every dangerous moment of it.


7: White-Water Rafting

This is exhilarating and awesome!

The scenery before you get to the crucial area is divine. It is a group or solo thing, which is nice. It is relaxing to be out in nature, enjoying the rush of the water, the beautiful shade of the trees while looking down at the fish swimming along in miniature pools.

It's peaceful and beautiful until you get to that crucial spot where the wind changes, the sound of the water is thrashing, and you're rushing down that water, paddling with cunning strength and stability, ducking and dodging giant rocks and boulders you could slam into, avoiding certain paths in that they could lead to the bottom of the wrong waterfall that slams you into the side of some waterfall’s bank or slam you into the big rock sitting in the middle of your path that you did not see coming.

Yeah, this one takes the cake in danger. You don't need to get broken limbs on this trip because you wont get through the woods too well. Nor would you be able to get away from a bear or the shock of the pain with pills.

This sport is highly dangerous and you, you thrill-seeker you, should enjoy it all so much more because of this.

Last In Dangerous Sports

All sports have their own amount of danger and risk. Better you get out and enjoy yourself with uncertainty than waste away without something that could be a priceless experience.

Enjoy life and the risks you take, and share them when you get older to friends, family, and loved ones; they are truly priceless.

In every dangerous, extreme, or regular sport; just make sure you read up on the sport, take needed precautions while doing your sport, be prepared with the gear and equipment you need, and at least practice the sport with a professional before just jumping into it.

Make sure you enjoy yourself for as long as the rush in your sport lasts, and may it last forever.


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    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 5 years ago from Williamston NC

      Thanks. Thank you, looking forward to checking them out.

    • The Finance Hub profile image

      The Finance Hub 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      I love sky diving! Great hub, really great, voted up and interesting! Hope that you enjoy my hubs as well!

    • SonQuioey10 profile image

      Toni Northern 5 years ago from Williamston NC

      Yeah, I've heard of those. I think you should go for it. It looks fun and fast, you also have to use a parachute to stop yourself or where you want to stop. Just diving right off a cliff and flying, it's incredible. Thanks for reading.

    • Infobrowser profile image

      Infobrowser 5 years ago from UK

      Fantastic read! Living life to the full is the best way forward. I tried a diving lesson not long ago and loved it. Next stop - Indian ocean =P

      Have you ever heard of wing suits? Flying through the sky at hundreds of miles per hour is my ultimate sports ambition.