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Love and Humanity Pg 1 - (First Novel)

Updated on March 5, 2015

Remaining in love with it all

Being human is one experience worth writing about for sure. Today most people have been challenged with adversity after adversity, life struggles, economic hardships, and other social ills. That many societies, families, and even their governments are having trouble repairing, or recovering from. Many people are even looking to their religious faiths and world leaders for all the answers, when the true solution may just reside in the human heart and capacity to love one another "Showing each other compassion".

"Awareness of a persons spirituality and oneness with the universe, can work wonders as well."

The very beauty of nature in itself has the internal and external supernatural powers to heal us all and without us doing much of anything special at all surprisingly. "Mother earth has renewal and regeneration powers of natural healing thanks to the lifecycle." (which is covered in later chapters)

We as a species and as organic life forms of this earth derive from the loving interaction of celestial energies and bodies that must have been created by some divine all powerful entity "I call this the Creator of Love."

These celestial travelers must of derived from a single source entity, that many may also refer to as god, but who in the world could ever have been given the right to stake self claim to such an unseen force of pure creativity. Living matter has such a vibrating energy core, that without this love, the ultimate unifying powers of being beautiful and vibrant would serve no purpose at all. What glows in the dark to this author is most definitely beautiful!

Is faith the answer?

For centuries people have been practicing religious ritualistic patterns of living and cultural practices. With hopes and with prayers that a savior will either come, or return someday. Who's to say if such a thought process shall ever come true, and to let the believers believe, and the dreamers dream, is one finite part of the answer to this odd equation of blind faith.

One thing is certain, as long as mankind remains selfish and thinks along the lines of greed, such a reality as being united and at peace with everyone will remain far from coming to the light of day. When will humanity ever learn? and what shall it take for us all, to snap out of this silly dream of sorts that our man-made false realities have all conjured up?

The saying "Only time will tell", is for now another part in whole the absolute and truest portion of the answer to such a bewildering question of faith, if ever was asked.

By Ms. Phoenix
By Ms. Phoenix | Source
Tonicella lineata, a polyplacophoran or chiton, anterior end towards the right
Tonicella lineata, a polyplacophoran or chiton, anterior end towards the right | Source

Paying homage

Us humans must pay homage to the massive rain forest's we have on earth, the pretty landscapes, waterfalls, arid dessert lands, ginormous bodies of water known as our great oceans. All this didn't just appear from out of nowhere, it has indeed come from the collective interplay of an extraordinary spiritual bathing and gathering of things that seek each other out (Fulfilling hunger pains or the mating process) like magnetic personalities are designed to attract. Hence fourth the reason all things appear to somehow have a love hate relationship to one another or yin & yang when it comes to opposites.

A good example of this universal truth is seen being displayed repetitiously, when it comes to the co-creation and reproductive process of all living things. The reproductive process is a very interesting thing indeed, it leads us all to get a much better understanding of this life as a whole, which comes from a true equilibrium and unique connection to all things living and non-living (Example: The earths ecosystem). Mitochondria, sea shells, phytoplankton, turtles, mollusks, trees, jellyfish, bats, dolphins, monkeys, birds, blue-green algae, elephants and so many other species of mammals as well as plant life, are all tightly knit together, into a ensemble like conglomerate connected food chain.

This vast sea of living microscopic organisms and massive organic life forms all are at home on this great earth and they to pay homage without complaints, and any need for being shy about it or to prideful. The question becomes, why is it that us humans don't seem to be at balance with it all, and much of the time feeling out of place in our own skin. "Inquiring minds would love to know!"

Life Pains or Not

Is life about experiencing pain all the time? When a person experiences such an unbearable feeling, what tends to happen is a view that life isn't good or isn't being fair to them at such a given moment.

This and many other extreme life struggles, personal hardships, and potentially being placed into harms way, can and will do more of the same to the psyche of the average everyday person.

To be able to recover from such a mental blow of sorts against ones perspective view of reality, of it being looked at as ugly now, and rather than beautiful as it truly is in this world. Is in itself a true to life challenge for most individuals, because once a mind is made up, well then its almost impossible to change things back to its normal state of being.


Mr. Freud what a kind friend

The mental and emotional side of the human psyche is a very gentle thing to be played with, and requires a deep careful analysis, without hurtful probing or scrutiny for its lack of being strong enough to withstand blows to ones mindset (ID, Ego or Super Ego). Recovering from mental scars is indeed possible, but takes the loving care of a genuine heart, letting go of the past, forgiveness, and true love from that of ones self acceptance of community, of family, and of friends as well.

Human nature has this capacity for universal compassion and to embrace wholeheartedly the full spectrum of this life, the beauty that enchants us all about it, and thy inner nature as well as outside. There shall come a day when our world will be at an equivalent balance as the universe intended, and that of which has sketched the constellations into existence.

Who's responsible for such a manifestation of extravagance and ever flowing life patterns? is a matter that even monks, philosophers and priests have had issues with defining clearly, one things for sure we all shall see in due time who's who, and what's what; as the world itself recovers from the pains mankind has passed on to it.

Jungle burned for agriculture in southern Mexico.
Jungle burned for agriculture in southern Mexico. | Source


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @rahul0324, thanks bro it was my very first page of a new novel I'm working on, I need to continue working on it, but been very busy on Youtube. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it :) and welcome back bro!

    • rahul0324 profile image

      Jessee R 

      5 years ago from Gurgaon, India

      A very well written piece.... I have been away from the hub for a while.... Nothing would have pleased me more to start again by reading your hub...


    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      6 years ago from New York City

      Thank you Ruby, I wrote this one on my smart phone initially, and I was just digging into my deepest thoughts about humanity before thinking to turn it all into the start of my new novel.

      Then the idea came to me to place it onto hubpages and share every step of the way with everyone, and so its coming along as for now pretty smoothly. I hope to be able to finish it by near year some time, by going steady and easy on my phone whenever I have the free time.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 

      6 years ago from Southern Illinois

      This is a beautiful piece, full of wisdom. It takes a village comes to mind here. We must start caring for our neighbors here and all over the world.


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