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Love and Humanity Pg 2 - (First Novel)

Updated on March 21, 2013

Making Errors in judgement

The beauty of this life beholds many deeply imbedded secrets. One of them being the undeniable fact that trial and error are like two very inseparable, and interdependent irrevocable siblings. You cannot escape fate without experiencing those two twined up reality crashers.

Once a person literally runs smack dead into a rough situation, the first prompting that comes to mind, is an ever so swift overshadowing effect of feeling something went wrong somehow. This occurs to many humans or animals alike in a natural habitat with predatory invaders roaming around the woods.

It seems that something quite dangerous or harmful is always lurking around on the ground or high up in the airways, leaping or swooping in on a moments notice at times. Making errors in judgement here are that of an unstable mind, unprepared for combat, or the poor decision making process of an individual. This all surely does come with drastic consequences for us all in the end, due to the fact that we all are connected today in some odd way or another.


Overly concerned are ya

Some creatures tend to handle their consequential experiences in life with massive concern as you watch them jump around running for dare life in them nature films. You know them shocking events of being surprisingly attacked per say by a predator. They may get startled into hysteria at first, or even act by means of overreacting. This tends to do more harm then good to their outlook of that rarest of beauties and the liveliness they once had admired about their normal daily lives.

Situations such as this may be unavoidable and caused by such a sudden landslide shift or spin towards the chaotic state of affairs of their views on reality. It most certainly involves the partaking of oneself to think of it mentally thereafter and to try to fix things back to normal. Thus leading to procedures for stitching up the mental embroidery and seams of ones reality sort to speak.

Hopefully someday they would be able to retain some sort of normalcy again. For that poor souls was just abruptly shoved into such a unwanted current life pattern in desperate need of a rapid repair and change. Sometime pleading to the sky, the moon, or a higher source to finally receive the most effective responsive and apprehensive actions for a hopeful recovery or healing.

In the animal kingdom all this is known as pure instinct (fight or flight) that usually will take precedence over common sensory actions. All occurring at the very moment of impact, interception, surprise, or realization. The average human being will be scared out of their wits and will simply pray for the best if anything, if out numbered for sure or out gunned.

Flooding like the Red Sea

This was after mega storm hurricane Sandy in Long Island NYC in October 2012
This was after mega storm hurricane Sandy in Long Island NYC in October 2012

The endless sea of possibilities

Now as for the possibilities of whats to come for anyone in any given predicament both of the mental kind or physical in nature. By visualizing or seeing things up ahead of time it may help to prevent from seizure by enemy or combatant, loss of life, altercations, or potential mishaps of carelessness from happening and if acted upon on time to reverse such a condition set fourth.

This very fact mentioned up in the above paragraph, is also why wars happen, fighting takes place, law abiding communities were erected, judicial laws have been set in place, danger & caution zone signs forged, prevention of loss of life measure taken, precautions were mustered up, man-made weapons hammered into action, rules exist, religions were born to prosper, and the likes.

It's quite impossible to stop a moving locomotive on call and at will, or to get out of the way of a moving vehicle if you haven't noticed its trajectory or hear it coming while standing in its direct path. Now, when signaled by any acknowledged indication of sight and sound ahead of time. Then surviving such a catastrophe is highly probable, and will happen if such a fair warning sign is noticed by the unlucky member in harms way. This is the harshness to our reality we live in today, and mainly because of human interaction, intervention and dealing with grave dangers of machinery, hazardous environmental conditions or objects, weapon systems of all sorts, and the dimentedness of some mindless heartless individuals..

Any of these unwanted occurrences, can also be harbored up as repressed memories from the past, and may tend to be stored up in the unconscious mind. With various uneasy mental visions of ones past situations dealing with these experiences. Handling these sorts of things in this life, may also conjure up emotional violence for some. It isn't at all easy for those to manage mentally, the ones who've experienced much of the brain damaging psychological effects have the hardest time coping, and its tough for them to put their mind at ease, with such a thought process at bay, or to let the past go.

This is the truth for many people of today as well as from the past, and definitely when things tend to go wrong in their reality on any physical levels. (Some events in this life are unavoidable, and others are clearly mishaps of carelessness, or failure to be proactive/responsive to ones environment.)

Gripping to realities ledge

Losing ones sight or grips of reality tends to bring many errors to ones mind and heart in allowing them the potential opportunity to make false judgment, and or bad decisions, that also opposes such beauty in their lives or the lives of others.

This sort of metaphysical process shift of thoughts indeed is harmful to that of a very existence over time if not corrected, and can be breath taking as well for the victims whom face the coming wrath due to such falsehoods. It takes courageousness to allow oneself to lose such a wonderful vision a person indeed possesses about this life, and if they do it all on their own using decisiveness.

Things like racial prejudice, injustices, supremacy, sexism, hatred, murder, senseless killings, jealously, and many other evils are examples of this poor judgement characteristic us human do manifest even today, and all throughout human recorded history.

Reality eventually comes to this
Reality eventually comes to this | Source

False proceeds lead to finality

No matter your positioning, the amount of labor pains experienced, or the enduring thoughts that appear to be racing in one's mind this reality in utterly inescapable, Death. The unseen version behind such a consequential reality in occurrence at all times, also holds yet another hidden treasure chest of sorts, and for those who seek to understand it all as they continue to live and ponder onwards about life's end.

Proof in this is where one man's treasure can be seen as another man's trash or vice versus. Seeing isn't always believing, but then again experience is the only teacher of such a truth to both the active and passive observer.

There are some very effective pathways to select from, and options that do come into play at times. Pertaining to how a complete life expectancy is truly communicated on any or all emotional levels.

A vast majority of these visual memory exchanges occur in the temporal lobe (The brains epicenter) of a person making way through their own journeys and all throughout their daily lives. Recollections are stored up and hand delivered by the mind then passed on to our human spirit for processing.

Imagine your mind was the postal service and your brain acted as the delivery guy to the unseen spiritual force, that is the inbox location for all life experiences. This is a cool visual way of using thought power to determine where the ultimate reality exists for any individual, even though its not true at all. Now as life comes to an end, all that's been stored up has a chance to be placed on replay for one very last time, then to be permanently stored into the archive of the heavens. (The End)

A Western depiction of Death as a skeleton carrying a scythe
A Western depiction of Death as a skeleton carrying a scythe | Source

Waiting for the world to end

Each individual person does indeed have an end in sight, just having the unnerving feelings of thinking about life after death may make your stomach uneasy. This precious existence is definitely a finite one in terms of flesh, and the experiences of it all, and so no matter how many errors of the mind, heart or soul one may commit in this life. Inevitably what shall come to pass is the meeting of that old to popular affectionate guy, known as the grim reaper.

He plays with us all in our nightmares when we sleep periodically, we toss and turn till our bodies gyrate into a hysteric dance of sorts, and we cannot take anymore. We sometimes scream out and shout to awaken from that deep rem phase. In hopes that such a gruesome experience we thought we just had, didn't exist at all.

That's also the time when sleep walkers will senselessly run into a wall in their living-room, and after potentially getting hit by a car in their sleep. Many folks have fallen from tall 20 story high buildings, to only awaken on their bedroom floor.

This is an all so familiar touch of the unconcious mental kind with death, some very unfortunate folks also experience such close encounters of the third kind, in real life. (Been there done that, and never wanna experience it ever again.)

Escaping the near death experiences is cause for celebration indeed, but one truest humbling experience for sure. Now for that person unless they're a dare devil who flirts with death, or a cat with nine lives, they will tend to hold ever more tighter to ones own earthly footing thereafter, and in prayers if they're indeed religious. Saying out loud "Thank you Jesus" is the more favorable approach to such a survival mode experience, and why not, even if such a person has no faith what-so-ever.



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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thanks do much Gypsy for taking the time to drop me a cool comment and for reading up on my second page of this new Novel I got going here on Hubpages.

      It's coming along good so far, I just need to revise things a bit to improve the overall message, and all the grammatical accuracy aspects.

      Oh yes indeed I must agree Gypsy, God is the definite all knowing source and will have the last say in it all for sure.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up. This is a fascinating read which brings lots of different thoughts to mind. I believe that the greatest help in getting through life is keeping our faith and letting the Lord lead us. Passing this on.