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Love and Humanity Pg 4 - (First Novel)

Updated on March 18, 2013
By FlyingSinger
By FlyingSinger | Source

Living for mere existence

Loving our existence on earth is generally a simple task to perform for any creature, considering all that is required to do is to breathe fresh air, drink a bit of H2O (water), and maybe eat a fill of live matter.

Breathing itself is an involuntary action of the lungs or gills that most animals do need to survive. Us humans may actually be the only species of mammal, that would ever consider trying to stop ourselves from doing so. Self destructive behavior such as this, is prevalent amongst us humans and is indeed a trained mental condition of sorts, however for some odd reason self love isn't.

There isn't any school for it neither, to learn how to love oneself is probably one of the most difficult things this life does indeed have to offer and as a sort of invisible challenge. "Loving others is virtually impossible if you don't love yourself, and loving all existence on earth is a start."

A scared child shows fear in an uncertain environment.
A scared child shows fear in an uncertain environment. | Source

Taught by differing modes of fear and superstition

However, we are also taught how to fear things that don't exist. So our ability and potential for self loathing, abusiveness, hatred, fears, belief in superstitions and the likes has increased tremendously as opposed to self love. This may be so mainly because of being televised all the time with false realities, and people being overly sensed with media and electronic gadgets all day and night.

There's loads of superstitious people on this planet, believing in ancient tales from the crypt, such as the end of the world which was once said to be December 2012, following the Mayan Calender. It's completely preposterous to think in such ways other than loving oneself as god has allowed us all to be blessed with feeling inwardly at birth, but today's man-made world views of things, has definitely had plans long before our birth, to change and surely adjust our modes of thoughts on the matter to much of the opposite.

By Sustainable sanitation
By Sustainable sanitation | Source

Artificial-ism & Commercialism costs

Artificial life forms is the finest offering that mankind has managed to bring to the world stage. This manifestation of sorts definitely came at the huge expense and great loss to our globes natural resources. Humans and animals have suffered tremendously so that a small percentage of the earth's population, to be exact about 1% of them, can be able to live well off and prosper from it all.

Riches as far as the eyes can see has been titled, tagged, and given names for their unique luster, such as the many precious earth metals as gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, ruby, and even the not so shiny as copper, bronze, aluminum, tin, etc..

Bring on the three age system

This is how it all began and during the bronze age is when things began to cook up literally, in terms of the earths internal parts being utlized by forms of material shape shifting. Somehow during this amazing time of inspiration and with devine assistance from the ancient pagan worship of gods and goddesses alchemy was born and the rest is all history. (Writing systems also got its initial birth into the world during such a glorious time period of antiquity.)

The iron age brought the precursors for the rise and full fledged advanced heavy metal weaponry as years rolled over, and things were altered a great deal using the wizardry of both science and mathematics yielding a new age pathway for such modernized methods and practices of engineering that came many centuries later. (Technology has reshaped and redefined our view and perspectives of this world as well as a great deal of the earths surfaces, but forging iron and steel into existence was its derivative spark.)

Trundholm sun chariot, National Museum of Denmark.
Trundholm sun chariot, National Museum of Denmark. | Source

Classifications systems & human ownership leading to degradation

The labeling games people have indeed played has taken its tolls for sure. When humans first began claiming victory and titling things that were once unidentified, or unknown to the masses. Something quite peculiar began to emerge and occur. The possessiveness and ownership claims of land had created a need to wage wars, to stage protests, and to divide and conquer.

No one thought however during any of the three age systems, about the fact that maybe all of these things were supposed to remain underground and for whatever reason our very creator may have placed them there in such positioning for a unique purpose and one that was in fact required for this planet to function properly.

Such a purpose though over time was lost for the most part in terms of the earth being able to utilize such resources of its own, and this degradation has helped to ruin its true essence, and purity that these natural resources once had. Many of which had played a true purpose as essential mineral deposits, and form of maintaining elemental soil consistencies and compositions, so to keep the earths ionic and chemical balance stabilized (Also known as chemical equilibrium).

The soils and ground components are needed to help heal and to further stabilize the environment. A good example of this is in the nitrite cycle, which is indeed essential for all plant life to thrive and survive as well as animal life forms requiring oxygen to breathe and vegetation to consume. Our human bodies and cells are craving for antioxidants today, due to food and agriculture being chemically and genetically altered for years thus depleting the natural quality of fresh produce, animal live stock and plants in the food chain. (There is a food movement today for this very reason, and people are beginning to awaken out of their deep slumber.)

1909 painting The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan.
1909 painting The Worship of Mammon by Evelyn De Morgan. | Source

Greed a disease of mankind

Due to our greed as humans much has been lost, and at various times all throughout recorded history we have ignored much of the laws of nature. This all may have indeed come from our ignorance of not knowing the consequences of trying to defy ones inner and outer nature.

These extenuating circumstances that have been brought fourth onto our world, and due to us being so greedy. Have surely caused more troubles, harm, and complete devastation for many species already gone extinct. There is no real good to come from extracting raw materials from our mother earth. These deeds can only bring further tragic conditions for all humans, plant life, and animals alike if not put to a swift stop (Since the age of ownership of land we have grown dependent on our greed for seizing and consuming more and more natural resources).

There is many U.S. federal government run programs today such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), that has been put in place to help lessen the blow to the environment, but more needs to be done.

Stacks emitting smoke from burning discarded automobile batteries, photo taken in Houston in 1972 by official photographer of recently founded EPA
Stacks emitting smoke from burning discarded automobile batteries, photo taken in Houston in 1972 by official photographer of recently founded EPA | Source

Uploaded back in 2007 and the Ice Caps are still melting today

Some damages are irreversible

If we only knew the irreversible damage it would bring all of humanity and way back before mankind started all this mess of shaking things up, world domination, and conquest. Then its safe to say, that none of us would have ever suffered such a fate as what is upon us all today, where living poor externally and decrepit internally is the norm for most people today. We live in a world filled with suffering bodily systems with loads of diseases like cancer, which are primarily triggered by poor nutrition and highly toxic environmental conditions both internal and external to the body.

By removing things from their natural origins, scattering stuff and placing things into the wrong hands and all. It has truly placed this planet under severe stressful conditions, besides destroying natural habitat. On the climatic level our planet is hurting and basically gasping for breath, especially when it comes to the environment as a whole, that of our great oceans also in dealing with the entire earths ecosystem.

Other examples being: The melting polar icecaps, deforestation by mode of shrinking rain forests due to logging, hence expanding desert lands, pollution and landfill expansion, toxic waste being spilled into water ways, rapidly increasing ocean acidification and corroding of the precious soils & ground of the earths crust. The over exploitation of raw materials, as well as corrupted food and agriculture systems turned purely chemical with fertilizers, pesticides and rather then organically grown, and the list goes on and on.

Before all this mayhem had occurred and massive civilizations erupted with systemic evolutions of their ways of trying to resurface this planet, there was the stone age. It was a time of pure and uncut discovery and not a drop of mysticism to be found, but there was loads of barbaric behaviors amongst most humans who resided in the worst of environments, mainly in the colder ones. So we arrive to today, and with loads of side effects that need tending to, mostly us humans need to be more responsible for the damage we have caused and continue to cause.

By gluemoon
By gluemoon | Source

Oh so harmless or are we

We definitely caused much more damage then good to not only this planets stability, but also to that of the ability for us all to live a well balanced stable life, and even if our modernized version of reality, and society appears like its doing well.

What's inherently the sealed closed case here and looking in all directions, is the totality of our world problems, and crisis issues becoming almost impossible to fix. Inevitability has it, that this dilemma of epic proportions is simply a stem from the sum of long term errors of mankind over the ages as a whole, and our pigheadedness of trying to always take matters into our own hands.

So in all actuality, to move or unearth things from being in its original positions, and respective placements the earth had intended for them to remain has caused many irreversible problems that if god exists will be the only one to be able to repair.

A good example of this fact, is where us humans have contributed to the instability of our climate. The atmospheric conditions have worsened over the years, we are subject to such things as ocean acidification. The ozone layer was said to be affected and damaged but much of it may be irreversible unless our creator steps into the picture to correct it all. "Global warming is real, humanity needs to wake up and make initiatives to limit this disastrous side effects of our greed."

Why does it have to happen this way?

All this has definitely caused issues with us having a sort of lost sense for our native selves as well, when dealing with us thinking that creating cities was going to be advancing humanity for the better. When the fact is, many of us have completely lost connection with our natural identities as animals that we truly are.

None of us are robots, but in today's world many of us either function as such, (Just another cog in the machine) or are expected to act out some robot like performance at work, or in our careers.

As members of the animal kingdom we have a duty to uphold, which is to reunite with our true sense of living out our lives as it was meant to be, which is being natural, living by raw organic means and with balance as well as love of our neighbors.

The underlining questions of humanity will always tend to surface, and that is when will we ever change for the better of us all? when will we allow greed to fade away into the abyss? when is mankind going to terminate hatred once and for all or will it be done by god himself?


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee, Thank you so very much for choosing to share with me as often as you do. You and Ruby both are consistent in doing so, and I will try to play a bit of catch up to return the favor when I free up time for sure.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @always exploring, Thank you Ruby once again for being so kind to read my hub here of this novel I'm actively working on. I also appreciate you complimenting me up there, I do my best to formulate words into useful and relevant messages for all of humanity, and its the least I can do today.

      Maybe someday in the future all of these efforts being made online can help people somehow and in some way, until then I shall continue on my quest and adventures for sure.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. A fantastic and intriguing read indeed. Love the pics and videos. Looking forward to more and passing this on.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      You definitely made me think with this rendition of your book. When are we as humans going to stop taking and start giving back to this wonderful land God created? You are a good writer with intense thoughts. Warm Regards to you....

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Thank you, I'm sure that person was a very good dedicated & talented writer, and well trained probably as well to be able to accomplish it with such a good following and to have attracted a publishing company wow!

      I'm only looking to improve on my writing style (I will definitely take what I'm given if anything was to come from it all as well, though), and to achieve writing my first ever novel.

      I also want to be able to say that I have indeed written one, since I've invested so much time online thus far and have nothing to show for it literally. Once again thanks for the kind words Aykianink , and its definitely appreciated by me for you to have rendered them so kindly.

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 4 years ago

      I believe some author (I don't know which one), published her work one chapter at a time on-line. Eventually, a publishing house loved it so much (a.k.a. enough people were following it) that she then published the traditional way. Good luck to you, Mike.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      I have no idea how many digitized pages it will become :), I'm hoping only 100 (or 100 hubs). Which may average out to about 300 normal book size pages I'm hoping, and hubpages is definitely a cool place to share it with others as I try my best to keep pumping out each page.

      Thanks for choosing to share with me here, yeah the title I used was the only way I could manage to point out such a fact and not steal to much away from the overall theme since its being published live, page by page.

    • aykianink profile image

      aykianink 4 years ago

      The pg 4 in "Love and Humanity Pg 4" makes me think that this is the fourth page in a novel. Yet you still managed to fit in pics and video. Good stuff.

      Curious. How many pages do you have planned?