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Love and Humanity Pg 10 - (First Novel)

Updated on June 6, 2013

Living a good life

Many people in this world of today have been focused on making strides to live a better life. There are some that have the right idea and approach to it all, and then there are those who have no clue what it means to do such a thing.

In order to live a good life, certain criteria needs to be met especially if you are living in the United States of America, live by the ways of democracy and the society as a whole. The very reason for such a reality we all must face is due to living in such a commercialized society where things are given much more value then that of human life itself.


Modernity & societal pressures

In the western modernized civilization many young people while growing up learn quickly about the material world. They mostly are taught about the facts of owning stuff of possession, which appears to make them look much more important to that of their peers. It seems to grow on us all especially when these same individuals are to be placed into social environments where getting judged by others is the reality.

This sort of judgement game plays itself out as we walk through places of business, school systems and the likes. By being somewhat forced to conform to certain well known norms it actually applies a certain verifiable pressure on that of the human psyche, which in turn becomes stress as years progress. Many people are also confronted with a moral dilemma of epic proportions as well as many other issues of expectations for you to meet.

Examples of this comes into the picture where many are expected to begin paying of bills and of rent for living expenses. The need to have employment and to remain with a consistent flow of income in order to pay the demand that any landlord has on us all as a tenant, or mortgage paid to banks for unfinished monies owed when purchasing a house.

These are all of the various basics, and there's loads more requirements and living standards one must live up to, in order to be considered a person living a good life.

Breathing fresh air

In order for people to totally enjoy living their daily lives and those living and dwelling in a country, city, or town. The air must be fresh and clean of pollutants so that breathing can take place, and so living a more lively lifestyle could be possible. Unfortunately for many people in today's world such a serene and carefree reality is far from the truth, and what people are actually living in.

If you look worldwide at any third world country its very easy to see all the congestion that is blocking such pathways for the vast majority of their citizens. Many of which are actually starving and facing many hardships that are not truly fair, when compared to the living conditions per say of that of the richest countries in the world. This poses a true predicament of sorts, for that of the global leaders of most countries that are indeed under such dire straights.

Alive and well for a greater purpose

Humanity is suffering as a whole in this way, and the weird thing is there is no true solution in place, that can put any of this madness and unfair circumstances to a stop. Mainly because all of those countries natural resources are literally getting exhausted and being sold to the outside world by wholesale.

The presence and uproar of waring nations will tend to spark up, when things begin to get worst off for many of these third world countries, where the richest parts of the globe depend on them for refueling their barrels of limited resources.

The continuous loop of degradation and deprivation is what brings rise to bad air and makes it damn near impossible for people to breath what is known as fresh air. That with pollution thrown into the mix from toxic waste, chemical pollutants, and carbon emissions adds up to amount to these issue, and all due to corporate greed as well, when the number game gets played out in all its entirety.


Loving yourself, being loved and acceptance

Its tough love these days for most folks and especially when many people depend on money and material goods to either show love to one another or to accept such a kind gesture. Kindness in itself is also very hard to go around giving freely, because you never know when you meet that special someone who will just up and take it from you, before you got the chance to reveal such an affection.

Us humans tend to build up intensely packed high density filled massive internal walls, blocking out those emotions that can deeply penetrate our core of existence which is our inner most self, our spirits. It's a very sensitive issue to partake in, and to even think of doing, especially for people looking to either start a relationship, or to continue one.

Love is something that somehow gets tossed around like a volleyball from one mouth to the next, its a rare occasion however to see such an affectionate, and or passionate gesture exchange itself amongst so-called loved ones. Buying love however, isn't wise at all, and even though some superficial folks may accept such a payment and or reward, it isn't authentic love, and comes at a great cost to the individual.

In order to truly allow oneself to be free to love another, the unconditional factors must be put in place in ones heart of hearts. Freedom of expression is very important here, and each partner in the relationship should be allowed to go and come as they please within reasonable care of the others wishes.

This to me is the start of a healthy relationship, but some folks never learn, and may focus on the physical aspects alone, like bodily contact, the appearance of a persons body, shape, and contours.

Don't get me wrong these things are important to attract a mate and to lure them into your sex chambers, but it isn't what makes a good relationship flourish at all. So it's not surprising why focusing on things, you know them non-living things that money has its overly possessive grips on, causes many marriages and relations to collapse like a falling tower that's been rigged with explosives.


Does compassion count?

There are those who have decided to take life seriously and instead of focusing on the money factors of life, rather they may have chosen to become monks, and priests, bishops etc...

Living a life of worship is definitely one way to achieve true happiness, and the truest source of such a way of becoming in tuned with oneself is by achieving what is known as "compassion".

The universe is loaded with this stuff, there is a noble path to take which is lined up for certain individuals in this life. Many of them will succumb to illnesses of all sorts, some to the pains staking madness of falling in and out of false love and the likes.

Some very fortunate souls will hit the jackpot, and land themselves on a pot of gold, like some super cool celebrity leprechauns. Then there are those who somehow learn to see through all the materialized glitter and glamor to only realize, that their true calling was to look a great deal closer at creation, to marvel at its amazing grace, and surely at the power our very creator possesses. (God is all knowing and all powerful, but you cannot tell that to a non-believer.)

These individuals are the very stuff that true and living stars way up in the sky are born of, and not the fake ones you see on Hollywood boulevard. These folks become the most recognized and high esteemed of them all. Titled martyrs when they die, or given the ultimate suggestion naming of prophets, which are well known for not only leading humanity to the guiding light of universal knowledge's, but also foretelling that of the unforeseen future.

Staring at a colorful graceful butterfly in awe of its radiant beauty, watching a dolphin leap high into the air and out of the deep blue deep waters. Are just two examples of where such compassion begins.

Our human nature is truly hard wired and designed for us to marvel at such moments of glory in our life from our outer visions. It has the healing powers to uplift our spirits from moments of pause, from deep states of depression, and from ages of feeling inadequate, oppressed or lost without a true cause. This is the stuff that makes us all learn to be much more compassionate for all creatures, nonliving things and all earthlings alike.

We all are indeed searching for it in differing forms in this life

"True freedom is something that emerges from within us and reaches outwards to that of this physical world."

Check out such beauty being exemplified from the life of ants

True inner and outer beauty

Being beautiful is definitely something that's 100% relative to that of the observer. There is a beauty that is only skin deep, and then there's the unseen beauty many of us have a hard time visualizing, because it cannot be detected with that of the human eye, nor any known machine.

True inner beauty exists in ones spirit and can only be tapped into by that of our brain, the love connection between that of our sensory receptors, and the acknowledgement that our existence has utter purpose for the likes of all mankind, by modes of caring, sharing, giving freely, and pure kindness.

Discovering such a thing for the first time will immediately bring a river of tears to any dry face, or even to those individuals who have one time or another appeared to radiate and emit vast amounts of light outwards (Positive energy breeds radiance, also known as happiness). An example of this true inner beauty can be found in young children, and when they are born.

Babies have no knowledge of things like self hatred, hatred of others, or self loathing, contempt, being negative and the likes. These little dudes are so cuddly and raging outwards with beauty.

The world as a whole literally responds back to all babies in the same way with affectionate emotions from that of family members and parents who care. (Babies of all species of mammals are given affection and loving care, and that in itself is outer beauty.)

As for those unfortunate souls that are born into the world and into the hands of some negative folks, its a shame what happens to them, but hope is never lost, because they too may be able to see the light that shines from such beauty that is universal in all reality. There's so many examples I can write an entire book about it all in itself, but will open up more pages and topic on this subject of beauty, much later into this novel.


So where does outer beauty come into the portrait:

Just look around you, it is everywhere and how beautiful this planetary system is for starters. There is amazing landscapes as far as the eyes can travel, and so many luscious places to explore that leaves the human body in awe.

Yes this is true beauty as well, not to mention that of the great looks of all the creatures that inhabit this awesome planet. We all have our good aspects to our looks, and appeal to those who view one another in differing forms. The male species of most mammals seem to gleam with radiant beauty to attract that of the opposite sex, and maybe it was Darwin's not so proven theories that could back up such a thing.

Beauty is something of a mating game of sorts when it comes to the outer surfaces and contours of us all. This is where the laws of attraction definitely has its compelling grip, and magnetic pull, not allowing us to pull away.

A man staring at a females curvy contours is yet another example, and how a woman gazes into his huge eyes filled with multicolored blueish green, hazel, grey and various shades of brown. Oh and lets not forget them sky blue ones purely a strategic design to not only memorize the ladies, but definitely to break the sweetest of hearts.

This attraction game is where the outer beauty of things appeals to that of the visual receptors of all species on this planet. Our other senses also help to enhance the euphoric experience of sorts, and when we make contact with that which has drawn us in, its like touching heaven for a split milliseconds time even if it last for maybe 5 minutes, 10, or sometimes even for hours in bed or even on a moments notice, maybe somewhere public for us humans that are too horny to wait.

Men go crazy for a woman's sex appeal and you can't blame them

By Mikeyloveswomen
By Mikeyloveswomen | Source

There's nothin like listening to Elvis and the old classics


External happiness and internal joy

Many people will choose to decorate themselves with various differing garments filled with bright colors, dull ones, or even multicolor. Shoes that can make your eyes snap and dart at its splendid appeal due to its shine, boots that can make any lumber jack or woman seeking to attract a male at a saloon or bar leap to the occasion.

Speaking about woman, them ladies know how to work their sex appeal, and in the most tempting of ways, by showing their cleavage, dressing their tails with lesser and lesser cloths and fabrics. This is what at times makes them feel more sexy, I guess, but its definitely a way to lure men into their carefully woven spider web of love.

The matrix that these ladies muster up is truly compelling and can have any guy spinning in circles to their beckon call, due to placing the right amount of colors, scents, and make-up on. Enhancing their ability to seduce the attentive male into a breath taking moment, or entire life time of joyful love making experiences. These are just a few examples of how the external game gets played when it comes to seeking happiness from the standpoint of a woman. Now internally these games are definitively different for both the male and female counterpart, but well worth the time of examining.

Of course our physical features aren't the only way for us to leverage this pleasure principle of sorts. There's loads more ways to discover and formulate what makes us all happy inside, and at times its just a natural sense of our outer environment being in-tuned with our inner most feelings,

A good example is when we listen to some of the most favorable sounds that float into the airwaves, and hit our ear drums. For the first time hearing a classic powerhouse song, even then we are blown away. So you know how it will feel each and every time such a memorable song gets played, over and over again. We never get tired of them oldies, and they always seem to bring cheer to the table, and to our hearts, as if we actually experienced what the singer or song writer of such had been going through at the time. This is where the inner joy of life, and the beauty of it all seems to come together for us humans, and there's loads more examples of such an occurrence of the heart, mind, and soul.


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    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      I do indeed appreciate the comment but I not sure what you enjoyed about my hub here. It would be super awesome if you could possibly elaborate further, but if not its all good too.

      Thanks for the interaction thus far though, I will indeed check out your hubbing location to see what you have to offer up in due time as well. Joy, love and peace to you @wabash annie.

    • CloudExplorer profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Pugh 

      5 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee, thank you so much as I love to say here in HP land :)

      This was to cool of you to read up one of my novel pages here. Yes indeed life is what we decide to make it as well as what our neighbors choose to do with it all as well.

      I just hope our neighbors decide to have a change of heart worldwide, like per say over there in North Korea. Even though the U.S. instigates stuff, that doesn't mean other folks should go jump in the fire with them, you know.

      Just saying! LOL

    • wabash annie profile image

      wabash annie 

      5 years ago from Colorado Front Range

      I really enjoyed this hub!! Thanks for including it.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 

      5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and awesome. Life is what we make of it Mike. A truly fascinating read giving much to reflect upon. Believe me when things get really rough I put on some fantastic rock and roll and just let the music take me away. Passing this on.


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