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Love and Humanity Pg 6 - (First Novel)

Updated on June 9, 2013

Sensing wrongs done

A great deal of devastation and destruction was handed down over the vast millennium and ages of time on this planet earth. Humanity as a whole has had to deal with all sorts of global atrocities, oppressive governments and their dictators abusing innocent victims with pure evil. Blood has been spilled, women and children slain, entire species gone extinct across our once enchanted naked paradise.

Much of this madness could only be conjured up by, the self centered ways of mankind going far astray from their makers native wishes, and most obvious commandments ordained by the laws of the land and by nature itself.

The question remains is, are we going to learn from the wrongs that have been done in the past. As of today in the 21st century (The year 2013) wars are still brewing up, there's turmoil in every direction it seems, mainly because of greed, and as was spoken about in previous chapters of this novel its all at random as well. (Hatred seems perpetual)

Humanity definitely needs a rude wake up call, because love is the only way to solve any of this chaos and mayhem. Who knows when it will all come to and end as for all the hatred and evil out-pores of crimes against humanity. We do know that by learning to share fairly with others, it has helped us to usher in such a true reality that's possible. It's also helped us to visualize that all time cure for all negative things in this life, especially those which brings cause to wars and the likes.

"We pray to the creator for answers, may the lord bless us all to think positively and to begin to show that we all care for humanity". May God Bless us all.


Waging countless war after war

Wars have been staged, fought, won and lost by all differing people of this world, the reasons behind such tyranny and happenings is left up to question for the experts. Countless historians may have already attempted to do so, many using cover ups to hide the horrifying truth behind much of it all (To escape their own from being persecuted by the masses).

What most people are missing is the fact that war is a vibrational energy of sorts, and if one decided to look at it on a mathematical or scientific perspective, its in actuality the end resultant of a total disharmony in nature.

Us humans have grown to distance ourselves from that of our true inward and outer natures, and have even attempted to defy our very creator in the process. What was once identified as witchcraft, wizardry, and sorcery. Is now commonly referred to as science, and technology. Those two highly technical subjects was born from much of it all, most definitely when the world of the sciences had been married together with that of mathematics.

Without the knowledge of Alchemy, chemistry, physics and math, none of the wars would ever be as accurate and as destructive as they've mounted up to be. Hence fourth a great deal of thinking went into bringing major league harm to the state in which us humans survive, and reside on this planet. So countless wars are lead, waged and driven by direct as well as indirect control mechanisms of technology today. This war machine has become a new age system of checks and balances due to us humans going way to far away from what our maker designed us to be, and its becoming more senseless as time progresses.

Cool video demonstrating the message of the next paragraph's

Scarcity caused much of this imbalance

The lack of something inherently found in nature is all the reason for anyone to put up a good fight. So when one group oversteps its boundaries and places brunt brutal deadly force onto that of another, what is established is a blood bath on all accounts.

The reality that a battle is beginning to brew up is at bay, and as for numbers is concerned. There is a chance that even the smallest of groups may in fact have the upper hand, and depending on the parameters governing their entrance and exit strategies of war.

Technically speaking its the survival of the most wisest fighters and globally aligned as well, because when it comes down to it. Everyone of us has the unseen potential to somehow ban together with anyone today. As for all the wars and destruction that has occurred all throughout human history. Its not hard to look at them and to be able to tell why it has happened, because there was much injustice that had occurred back then. There is no rules in a real all out battle for dare life, even if many governments may have supposedly placed written ones onto paper, which is known as the rules of engagement.

God is the only one who has the last say when the cookie crumbles sort to speak, and many folks who are responsible for instigating such things will pay upon judgement day if and when it ever comes. (Many non-believers will beg to differ, but whether or not they shall suffer such a fate as well, is completely up for grabs and in the air.)

By *Nighthawk*
By *Nighthawk* | Source

Fighting for something rather then nothing

We tend to battle it out till the very last breath during any war or battle field. Us humans are some of the best fighters in this known universe actually. We've conjured up weapons of mass destruction (the atomic bomb). We've also cleverly developed strategic killing tactics and a plethora of choices of killing machines. In ancient times our full embrace of knowledge on the art of war, by guys like Sun Tzu, (An ancient Chinese military strategist) definitely allowed us humans to achieve more improved military killing techniques hence fourth, enhancing per-say a 4 star General's evasive actions and angles of attack.

There's also them insanely inhumane films depicting mass destruction on an epic scale, that only could have been first redeveloped in some Hollywood action film, and then re-enacted upon and actually utilized on the true to life battle field, in lets say Afghanistan, in Iraq, and many other desert waste lands as some people might think. What we all fail to realize is that the loss of human lives unnaturally, and so inhumane has indeed caused a massive dent on the human psyche as a whole.


When it truly hurts most people go numb

Whenever the world is propagating a massive beacon using these new age technologies (Televisions & the media as done with 911) we have to amplify any sort of distress signal that war is either imminent or on approach somewhere on this planet. We all tend to suffer some sort of psychological damage from it all.

This is where us humans begin to get desensitized to the fact that killing is wrong over time, and as the years of hearing about it soaks in. There's other factors is psychological side effects that cause a great deal of trauma, post dramatic stress disorders, and an overall numbing feeling.

Due to having such carnal knowledge of the mass killing of innocent victims that was staged by global leaders, and none other then for the mere purpose of conquest, of global taking overs, genocide, and occupying another countries territory for natural resources, or raw materials. (Not all people though of the total worlds population, may actually feel this way about the numerous war crimes committed, which is to feel almost nothing at all is wrong about these senseless wars and mass murders going on)

Yes, of course the families of the victimized people who have lost their loved ones in such a horrific slaughter, will indeed morn the deaths of their family members. There will be left, a permanent scar on them that will never ever go away, because the level of injustice that is was handed down is unforgivable, and even in the eyes of the lord. Only the devil and his army can deliver such a unforgiving and evil blow to fellow humans. This all in the name of taking over the entire globe for selfish purposes. (Those will burn in the hellfire if it does exist, and for all of eternity for their wrong doings)

Poverty is a huge problem, and remains constant with no end

By Sustainable sanitation
By Sustainable sanitation | Source

Quite the opposite reality here


A time of peril during the new age of technology

We are living in such time of peril today, and there is indeed a heavy price to pay for such inhumane acts, why do you think all of the world is in a state of perpetual debt currently. Not a single world leader can come up with an answer, and the reason why is, there was never meant to be a remedy.

Most governments worldwide are designed to flush out their own systems of an overlapping population. So the repetitive turn cycles of hatred, evil, madness, mayhem, and mass destruction itself, will surely continue onwards as long as we have such a thing as a single government in place that's supposedly controlling the masses. In the ancient times there was a need for Kings and Queens of various countries, to attempt at taking over the known world at that time.

This was a very unfortunate tragic reality that mainly derived from various places in the European continent. Western civilization have always been filled with tyrants looking for world domination and all throughout the ages of recorded history.


Our reality today is far worse off then ever before

Today our world has been placed into a difficult turmoil on all human levels, and most people are definitely under some serious pressures, which are all the sum of all these errors in man-made time due to mankind steering far away from nature as a whole. Many of us were forced to leave our native lands of national origin, our ancestors have suffered the brunt force of this self centered and evil blow of sorts.

The physical wounds may have somewhat vanished, but the air is still thick with bitterness, disgust, lies, the psychological scars carve deep into thy soul, and deceit as well as misdirection has placed us currently into a perpetual state of self pity and damnation. This is on all levels as well, and technology appears to be playing the artificial bandade of sorts to try to conceal the unhealed wounds, and to also hide the truth that our world needs a good fixing and we need it fast.

Many religious people believe that these are indeed the last days, and that we are condemned to such a reality, who knows, one things for sure if we don't begin working together nothing will change, and no matter how much we write, we complain, or wish for a savior to come and magically fix it all.

Those people on the top who run our governments may appear to care, as they spill their falsehoods and aimless speeches into microphones, and voice modulators to quite down the public voice. During elections they try to appear as if they're saviors of this world, and when it boils down to it, none of them have the answers, because its not up to them at all even if they meant every word they promised us all, because their not going to be the ones to be doing all the fixing of this world. How can they repair a broken spirit, an aching heart, a crushed self esteem due to loss of life, and years of abuse? All the money in the world cannot fix this issue, nor any material thing. This sort of healing and repair we are all in dire need for, requires divine assistance to repair, and not that of which mankind can ever muster up.

The worlds problems truly lie in us, we are the ones to blame (The everyday citizens of every country) for allowing all of this injustice to fester on, to manifest itself, and to eat away at the core of our family values and moral code of ethics if we indeed have any left as a species.

This is a true reality of today, so why are people acting otherwise

Books on surviving struggle

The ancients were the ones who started our problems

The ancient King and Queens of the past are the very reason why even a single city was born into existence, and as soon as mankind decided to remove nature out of the equation of things, a huge deficit was created essentially. The once god fearing people whom were living by the land alone and his wrath upon us all through natures laws, took a shift towards mankind playing judge, jury, and life taker as well on a scale that is completely unnatural. This caused a complete shift in the food chain altogether, which is the reason why our planet is losing out, and in all ways it seems, plus humanity seems caught up in many unrepairable troubles due to nature back firing on us today.

So now man has also become subject to having to figure out ways to re-balance the equation of population explosions that was sure to emerge. In the bible it is stated that mankind has original sin, and because Adam elected to eat the poisonous apple from the tree of knowledge, maybe this is what it had meant where humanity was said to be doomed from the very beginning of time on earth.

Population control is the number one reason why mankind will always remain in a perpetual state of war, of hate, and of injustice on a unprecedented global scale. This is so they can reboot sort of speak, any given system that has spawned out of control offspring in numbers that may deem as a threat to the reserves in place, and to the overall balance of powers that be.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      Thank you Always Exploring, yes indeed humanity is in for a rude awakening and I believe that God shall make his presence known and felt someday for sure.

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Cloud, you certainly tell it like it is. Man's greed is the root of suffering all over the world and until we return to God's Golden Rule, it will stay the same. Great chapter..Thank you..