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Love and Humanity Pg 7 - (First Novel)

Updated on June 4, 2015

Some curves redefine everything


On that path to NEO "The One"


The codes are everywhere and they are nowhere


The learning curve -

The miracle of learning has always been an inspiring subject to write about. It took over 8,000 years for humanity to sum up massive archives of information and turn earthly wisdom's they've gathered into libraries.10,000+ years for mankind to create 300 official written and spoken languages, out of 248 different nations.

Us humans are the only creatures capable of taking our visions of this life using nature, and been able to initially turn these inner visions into symbols, then into verbalized distinguishably unique sounds, thus leading to our spoken words from the mouth. There has been a true evolution in this way of self expression, and that of taking from our outer natural resources, to forge a whole new vision and experience for all of humanity.

So now, we've even dared to challenge our creator, with such new age developments as cloning, and by using various other technologies that are expressively meant to somehow define how existence itself has come into being. In all actuality humanity has self taught many things to its offspring derivative of times past, and with the help of pure curiosity, leading to observation, then with experimentation after conclusive deductions and then with the application of differing logic methods and techniques.

Manipulation of let's say the elements and raw materials was born, which became the spear head sort to speak, of this all out pursuit to define everything and break things down in classification systems. It's how we all have indeed arrived up till today with volumes and volumes of information, historical record books, school systems, colleges, universities, and any form of an institution or building structure that was formed using such info.

The end resultant of this activity of storing and record keeping has sprouted a massive plethora of choices to select from, of differing knowledge sources with supportive documentation about every single topic from A-Z that we've detailed over time, and archived into organized formats. This is so especially when it comes to the living and non-living things of this world we have either seized for our observation, or simply admired examining up close. It all has been placed into their respective pecking orders of sequential order by specialist who administer such information, and curate all such contents that's been made know or stored up.

This is why there's a such thing as a library, the library of congress, and even the Vatican which holds a vast majority of the religious documents of ancient old and in their original forms. Without summing up all of this content this very life many of us lead today, may never have had all the vast assortments of options, choices, and opportunities it does indeed have to offer for us all potentially, and both from the visible and non-visible perspective of things as a whole.

The Emperor Constantine beholds all the answers - To the path

The machine world was born for a reason


To be discovered


The intro of Mechanism & Micro Technologies

There was a huge explosion of innovative technologies of all sorts recently, which is yet another aspect of this truest premise that this part of the novel shall portray.

The miniaturization of gadgets are the new thing today, and they are of course electronic and fully capable of both rendering and regenerating any or all of these symbolic messages or also referred to as codes to people of this world. (Codes meaning data, or information streams - In computer language its binary numbers: 1's and 0's, logic high or logic low, digital on off high speed switches)

We then are able to decipher all the graphically enhanced content, whether it be of a musical nature, a visual image, text content etc... Then to internalize what we all can take from it. This is where we have come today, there's also massive machines, movable arms, and even mechanical legs that have been thrown into action.

Eventually some form of artificial intelligence shall also come fourth out of mankind's playing with the elements, and even robotic like structures that have mobilization instructions from their makers. The scary thing and well known fact is that these inhuman artificial molds may someday even become engineers themselves, who will more then likely crave for raw materials and begin to consume this planet and potentially many others.

Who would have ever thought during the stone age, that such a potential reality would ever come to pass. (Ever watch The Matrix film, or Terminator movie, two great science fiction block busters that illustrates this point precisely, well it also looks like we're headed that way as our next phase of technology paves its way through, and is indeed on its way soon.)

In the desert of the real where all the numbers count


Math & Sciences

Mathematically this world has evolved, and scientifically this planets outer surface has been transformed a great deal into roadways and streets, littered with buildings, houses, and various other manmade structures. The entire cosmetics of the ecosystem itself currently operates under the partial administration of and full participating activities of technology and innovations of us humans adding our two senses to it all. The world has definitely seen a massive makeover of sorts over the centuries, and its not over yet. As the mathematics is still evolving to this day with computers at the forefront, and science propelling the machine age into being. We shall bear witness to much more shape and contour remodeling going on.

The amazing level of innovation and that of technology we have today is incomprehensible, in comparison to that of our primitive days on this earth. Comparable to such a time where stone tooling was the preferred method of attack patterns, clay was used for pottery and wood for storage and housing structures the stone age, bronze age, and iron age all brought on this new age of mathematics, sciences. Thus yielding machinery, computers, advanced weapon systems, robotic technologies, biological, chemical, and planetary altering abilities.

He ruled with an Iron Staff aka Double edged Sword

Bronze statue of Constantine I in York, England, near the spot where he was proclaimed Augustus in 306
Bronze statue of Constantine I in York, England, near the spot where he was proclaimed Augustus in 306 | Source

Let there be Light!

"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine
"Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine | Source

The great scientific push

Without the great push for us all to further explore our curiosity about how existence in itself works. Philosophers wouldn't have never been able to use differing insights and introspection, to determine their own views about the universe. None of the colleges, universities would ever have been summoned, placed into such a dependable need position. None of the buildings we see today would have been erected out of pure lavishness and with such architectural fine tuned details, carrying great historical significance and such high value and relevance to us all.

All of the scholars combined have made this very day possible, anywhere from Albert Einstein, Plato, Socrates, Sir Issac Newton, Descartes, Planck, Sigmund Freud, Voltaire, George Westing House, Thomas Edison, and the list goes on and on. We marvel at the tenacity and brilliance of these brave souls, who made their lives a true sacrifice to all of humanity. They invested much of their life's works into helping to solve things, to discover new things, to invent new age devices from existing raw materials, and so that we could someday figure out how the entire universe itself functions, and how God's hands truly works things into action.

The believers from various religions and faith based groups may put up a strong argument and a tough one at that about the relevance of the overall purpose and accuracy of the information that these great minds have conjured up. As well as question the true integrity of all that they've indeed accomplished for us humans, and for what true outcomes this wandering off into the unknown universe will take humanity in actuality.

One thing for certain is, if it wasn't for them all making efforts to try to make sense of things for humanity centuries ago, then none of what we see today, or have at our disposal would have ever come to be, that is most definite and end resultant of causality.

Zion is real!


The School of hard knocks

Higher education is the worlds stage conditioning and training center for bright minds to be shape shifted. The pivot point of reaching for the stars for intellectuals, and those focused on steering the course of the future.

It will be a long shot and pure stroke of destiny for many lucky souls, who were wise enough to adhere to much of the rules scribed into action. As the magical achievements of the ancients have begot all that humanity has at their leisure and convenience, thus our finger tips have much more commanding power and precision.

The architect is real!


Collegiate structure and hidden codes

The architect's of the mid-evil times didn't have any moment to spare, when they were forcing their slaves to build their fortresses, and when they bombarded many unprotected territories and lands to expand on their global horizons and conquests. So to is the same scenario when it comes to academia and learning. This thing known as both teaching and knowledge has some true hidden factors of battle involved.

The stage is then set where the student coming up the ranks in life, is somewhat forced to divulge and regurgitate force fed information by means of test taking, and if they didn't accept such a programming as a young child or not. If they choose not to accept the program, they are tagged as a dummy, ignorant, or the likes, and it's a huge blow to the psyche as well as truest potential for any of them to succeed in life, but isn't impossible to recover from entirely.

This presents a huge war of sorts of that of the mind, and this is where a person needs to be well prepared for such a all out battle. Unfortunately not all these student combatants will endure and triumph over the over weighing odds that are quite certainly stacked up against them. Many students simply quit before they ever get out the starting gates of this inferno up in their consciousness, and what seems to set in initially is self doubt for the most part that shall conquer them in the end.

Welcome to the new world


Chasing Gold & Diamonds

Then there are the proud and brave soldiers who will pick up their books, and stage a fight that is unforgettable. One book after another they aim to decipher all the visible meaning, definitions, and hidden sublime messages deeply encoded into various symbols of all types. Subjects like physics, chemistry, and differential equations etc... have become some of the most challenging ones of all, and mainly due to its ability to rapidly evolve as the years grow on such a brave soul.

The equations they are to confront aren't like anything else they have ever approached on this academic battlefield, but the breaching of such a fortress brings true happiness to their faces each and every stride they make towards an overall victory, which is ultimately graduation or maybe just passing that infamous mind boggling multiple choice high school test which will lead them to many more successive attempts at passing their college finals to win the gold, silver or bronze metal of honor as a new age scholar.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 4 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee, thank you for that awesome comment, I just revised this part of the novel and thanks to you Gypsy.

      Learning is definitively at the core of humanities life and living patterns of prosperity today and also the issues we are currently experiencing due to the widespread lack of education going around worldwide.

      Let's hope more folks begin to catch on, and maybe someday things can change, but without fixing ones mind their hearts may also be unrepairable, we shall see.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 4 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      Voted up and interesting. A lot of fine points expressed and above all we must never stop learning and educating ourselves throughout our entire lives. Passing this on.