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Love and Humanity Pg 8 - (First Novel)

Updated on July 23, 2013
By DonkeyHotey
By DonkeyHotey | Source

Dear Mr & Mrs Perfect

In this world full of winners and losers, there's always going to be people who attempt their hardest to prove to everyone, that they're perfect. This is in fact a technique of sorts that some folks believe to work well for themselves, but in all actuality, just makes them look like a another dumb smart ass in the end, and for some odd reason they never get the last laugh.

Anyhow there are loads of examples where this sort of mental game, or joke on themselves gets played out time and time again. Their sometimes very awkward behavior from that of an outsiders perspective looking in, looks quite odd actually, but for themselves its quite fine to behave in such a way towards their outer most self or that of others in their immediate environment.

As weird as it may appear, these overly repetitive behaviors have been repeated so many times in their miserable lives, that the redundant act has become an every day norm shamefully. It can also truly be seen as a completely dysfunctional way of living to a passive observer, co-workers, friends, family, and even strangers.

By DonkeyHotey
By DonkeyHotey | Source

It doesn't pay to try to be too perfect today

Many of these folks who claim to be so perfect that nothing can shake them, nor can they ever make an error in life, also are the same individuals who will crack under intense pressures when things appear to fall apart in their daily lives. A good example is when the severity of a life or death issue comes about, and they no-longer want to take any responsibility, nor do they want to face the utter consequences for acting as if they were once proven experts per say, when in fact all they were was loaded with over confidence.

This all may have been caused by becoming obsessed individuals who indeed frequently display some sort of odd behavior disorders, and do indeed stand out like a sore thumb. A good example of a person like this is someone with excessive compulsive disorder. These folks tend to be introverts, and social outcasts, plus many of them suffering from such a mental disorder can become quite annoying at times, and may also become quite burdensome to others as well depending on their out of control behavior to over do everything they touch or think of getting done.

This lady is well balanced and teaches good lessons, no one on this planet is perfect and so folks need motivation at times

Repetitive handwashing is a common OCD
Repetitive handwashing is a common OCD | Source

Being neat isn't always perfect

There's those neat freaks, whom are so extreme with cleanliness, that everything must be spot clean in not only their house, but also their friends, relatives, and even strangers houses they're due to surely visit. They cannot for one moment be still, something always has them occupied at all times of the night or day, and especially if they assume anything in their path of sight is out of order somehow or position.

Who knows what drives them to this sort of extreme, such an answer shall always remain a true mystery, but we know for sure that one of their mental screws for being known as a more well balanced person, may have come loose somehow.

They tend to make a scene each and every time, and due to their senses, maybe being over sensed. It drives some of them completely nuts, to pick up the slightest scent of any odor foreign to their investigative nostrils. They also have eyes like an eagle, that must be made of an owls acute sense to detect the presence of something appearing out of place visually.

These funny guys and gals are always on constant overdrive it seems, on detective mode inspecting everything in their path, and they have no way to shut off their perfection buttons as they continuously keep cleaning like mad, and are expecting everything to be in a specific coordinating order, and or specific arrangement. It's quite OK to be clean, but to be so extreme that everything needs to return to a specific spot, a placement, and always somehow be perfect is definitely out of control all in itself. "Tell that to your Army, Navy, or Marine drill instructors."

By DonkeyHotey
By DonkeyHotey | Source

Is the Military a Perfection Tool of some sort, Hm..m

Then you have the Staff Sergeant of the United States Marine Core type person, who has them hardcore boot camp platoon style painstaking drills written all across their forehead. It's always typical of them to expect their recruits to not only be perfect in every step they take while marching, but even worse they must behave robot like and have no feelings while being yelled at and overly stressed to the point of no return, plus be able to eat an entire meal in 2 minutes or less.

Then there's that annoying boss hog of yours, you know the type that knows everything and then some about everything at work, and everyone. He or she walks into the office with that obnoxious annoying facial expression each morning or evening, expecting nothing but perfect results every time from your mostly imperfect work day.

There's the amazing! sports star super athletes, who swear they gonna hit a home run each time at bat. The basketball player who shoots a million jump shots a day for practice, expecting to be the best in the world someday. The overly excessive writer who assumes their the best at it all, because they've written 1,000,000 words of pure uncut bullshit. Not realizing that no one really cares what they've done, but they fool themselves by assuming they're indeed the best writer in the world.

Then you got them hotshot Lawyers and Attorneys who are public defenders, and they assume the role of a new age action hero of sorts who acts as if they're never ever wrong, yelling all out of order in a court room at that (On purpose when they're dead wrong!), and especially when everyone assumes who's being defended is 100% guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

We got the out of control police officer or officers who abuse their authority and powers of law delegations or enforcement, by running around arresting and taunting people for nothing at all but mere suspicion, because they can as if they now are gods gift and wielding force of punishment. (Some of them even get trigger happy or worse by committing crimes themselves, and especially while acting all perfect behind the scenes.)

It's quite OK to let things go a bit in life, as long as you fix it up!

Good books on perfectionism

Dear Mr. and Mrs. know it all

Boy is there people out here on this great planet earth who indeed have done it all, and their false claims to fame most of the time, is that they done it as a complete perfectionist. When in fact such a person is a true joker of sort, and only fooling themselves in all actuality.

Well I have one thing to say to ignorant fools who think like that."You can go flip yourself onto your ridiculousness, its a complete shame what you've appeared to become, because Mr and Mrs. perfection is going bye bye as soon as you slip up."

All noble paths to enlightenment can be achieved and shall counter the falseness of perfectionism, and superficial being

Who's the master

I mean what I said, because people like that are in fact, the very reason why this world is so screwed up today. I truly don't care who's feelings this hurts, I am a realest and I say it like it is. "People just need to snap out of this silly dream of acting like they're all that and a bag of Frito's potato chips."

You know, this planet isn't wonderland, and none of us are Alice, whom could somehow hop through miniature portals and change our body size, to appear perfect all of a sudden and overnight.

True mastery of any craft external to us, or that of ourselves both internal and external factors of us definitely takes decades of hard work, true dedication, determination, will to succeed, and overall balance. The whole making errors aspects to it all, also known as trial and error, is what makes each of us only human and is the truest path to enlightenment. (Self acknowledgement that everything takes balance to master, to be at peace with, to learn, to understand entirely and to achieve in this life through total comprehension).

Achieving compassion for all things living and non-living things thereafter leads to what is known as universal enlightenment, which will always trump perfectionism by a long shot. We are imperfect beings in every way, shape, and form for sure, thus making such a fact to be the true underlining reality and is absolutely indisputable indeed.

This is one brand spanking new Hot Rod!

By 666isMONEY
By 666isMONEY | Source
By | Source

Even Our Known Universe Isn't at all perfect, its messy!

Nothing in humanity, or in this vast universe is perfect. In fact every damn thing, whether its living or that of a non-living thing has imperfections. This is the true beauty about this very thing they titled and referred to as "Life".

Even the most literate genius of a person, or persons on this massive blue rock, is imperfect. Why do you think all those folks I mentioned and wrote about, in the most obvious classic of examples are all trying so hard. In fact they are all in complete denial of the universal laws, because inevitably is what will tend to occur, as all things indeed have their breaking points, and will either slowly or quickly begin to fall apart no matter what happens.

Let's use a car for example, when you first purchase a brand new hot rod, maybe its a Lincoln town car, a Toyota Camry, a BMW drop-top convertible, etc... As time goes by after driving that bad boy for a while, what happens?

Ummm.... yeah maybe you can try to extend the life of its engine, but its impossible to keep it in the exact same mint condition it was in upon initial purchase. Nope, not even if you tried to place the darn thing into suspended animation, no way Jose. It's just not happening, and mainly because on the molecular level, there is a not so well known guy known as radioactive decay, or also know as half life. This is the reason why all metals rust, wear & tear as well.

Oxidation is the culprit and super villain when it comes to corrosion of all metallic substances. So the point being driven to home plate here, is the fact that since all things have a universal tendency to fall apart.

So this not so well known truth about how things work universally on the molecular level and in terms of earth happenings also means that nothing can ever be perfect, and this is why even god himself allows us humans to suffer the consequence of our own actions or inaction's and free will, it is engraved into irreversible universal law just as stars are born and die. Hence the very reason why trial and errors made can lead to real change of any kind, both good results and the bad as well. It's also why a building that once was structurally sound for ages will be brought to its knees in due time, because another universal code and law is."What goes up! must come down."

By footloosiety
By footloosiety | Source
 Sorghum-made brooms with long handles as well as short handles
Sorghum-made brooms with long handles as well as short handles | Source

Being dumb is completely relative

Now I'm no dummy, I lived a good portion of my life as a studious young person, my mother was more of the perfectionist. Always cleaning to much, expecting me to become a neat freak like she was. I for one had fun with her excessive compulsive behaviors, her parenting techniques and skills were like that drill sergeant in the Marines, maybe even like one in the Army, but never like my silly Navy instructors. They were more happy and gay with their delegation instructions for us boot camp recruits then a butterfly taking its first leap into the air, and after an enduring struggle to escape its once hostile cocoon.

I never for one day wanted to become like her, and then manhood hit me like a huge sack of potatoes and it dawned on me that I had become the very anal retentive type that I had tried to avoid becoming.

What was I ever to do now, each time I saw a dirty floor I wanted to grab a broom, a dirty dish I jumped to try and clean it. What was my problem? Did I really screw up and become that Mr perfect dude, you know the one everyone secretly despises, but in his face everyone is all smiles from cheek to cheek. No way, this couldn't be happening to little ole me.

Well I was that dumb ass, I became him the super hero in my own eyes with loads of false confidence, and also had the undeclared self proclaimed title of "Mr Perfection" tattooed on my forehead figuratively.

This image depicts this truest premise of imperfection!


Guess who rid the world of Mr. Perfect?

Yup, I was indeed loaded with that stuffy, arrogant feeling that I had the world rapped around my finger tips once upon a time, but little did I know I would soon meet a dude named humility (Yes he shot Mr. perfect down).

This all happened when my life had fallen completely apart for reasons that shall be addressed in my autobiography book, if I ever manage to get time to write such a thing. Then and only then did I realize not only how imperfect I was, but also that of everything around me.

A once male chauvinistic view and very lonely perspective of this world came to a swift shameful close, and I was rudely awakened to true reality, which is utterly uncontrollable. This was also the time when I found my maker, the one and only living God. So my spiritual self had finally begun to come into the picture of things, and Mr. perfect simply got shot down into the back burner of things, to never ever reemerge again in that of my mind, oh how sweet it feels to that he's gone. "Nope I cannot return to that knuckle headed dude no more, no way Jose."

I done a great deal of soul searching to simply discover that perfection is a mirage, and true balance can only be attained when you learn to fully embrace your many imperfections. This is one of the only ways I've found my truest freedom in this life, and from either the expectations of myself, of others, and that of society as a whole, which can be the ultimate back breaker for sure.


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      @Gypsy Rose Lee , yes indeed in the spring we all must get rid of the old, and bring in the new, but for some of us its quite alright to keep things as is.

      The great outdoors however will renew itself no matter what us humans choose to do though, and that's the flow I try to follow myself for sure, staying in tuned with nature is the way for me.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Hi @torrilynn, thank you so much I was in need of a cool comment like you just delivered to me up there, and for the vote too.

    • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

      Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

      I believe that we don't have to lead exemplary and perfect lives. Do what we do, be good toward others, love each other and things will fall into place. It was a fascinating read and love the video. My least favorite time is coming - spring cleaning. Passing this on.

    • torrilynn profile image

      torrilynn 5 years ago


      interesting hub that you have here

      I found It easy to read and filled with a lot of details

      I believe that some of which you speak of to be true

      Voted up