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Love at first sight or maybe not

Updated on July 19, 2010

One hundred billion years before the creation of all planets, before the relevance of time, we met. It was a time when language was not required to speak, when a body was not required to touch, when all that was and will ever be was one. It was then that we first loved for we were mankind in the form of pure energy.

During the creation of the universe our perfect harmony was displaced. Atoms of energy were flung throughout the heavens. The atoms we shared in our spirit forms were crystallized when they entered earth’s atmosphere and found their resting place along the shores of our oceans in the form of grains of sand. Our encapsulated spirits lay upon opposite shores. We were no longer one.

There we lay, seemingly world’s apart, unable to bask within each others essence. Ever so often the wind would blow, carrying your angelic essence thousands of miles across the oceans to the shores upon where I lay and for brief moments it seemed as though I could actually smell your scent. The scent of Jupiter in Jasmine.

The Pain of separation, not being able to touch or speak as we use to, became so great that we cried endlessly. The tears we cried evaporated and were carried into the skies to return as snow upon our mountains and rain upon our forest. Little did we know... the by product of our anguish would be the beginning of life as we know it today.

Billions of years would pass before the arrival of man and woman. Within each man and woman resides the eternal spirit, soul and energy that were once encased in grains of sand. So many souls await their turn to live as humans, truly an experience to be cherished. Some will and many won’t as their path may be that of a bird, flower, tree or blade of grass. The possibilities are endless. Fortunate we are to have received the bodies of a man and a woman.

As you turned your face away from the sun, a few moments ago, a soft wind caressed your body and I remembered your scent, the scent of Jupiter in jasmine, from a billion years past. We now can speak. We now can touch. Hear these words my eternal love for they are meant for you and only you. “Hello my heart I have missed you so, hello my heart are the words you also know”. As we were then, we are now and will be forever together, for we are soul mates

love at first sight or maybe not by Michael-Anthony Taylor is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.
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      8 years ago

      Michael: This is beautiful, what a wonderful writer you are! thanks so much for sharing this brilliant hub! :)


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