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Love has flewn

Updated on July 29, 2016

It was just a normal day,
But to me it seems so gray.
Everything going against my way,
Even my lover has gone away.

I don't know what to do,
I wish this day goes through.
Every action the clock has taken,
It was just like I had awaken.

Time was so slow and rude,
I'm agonising on her dude.
The one that's taken her away,
The only man that I would slay.

I don't know if she does bother,
But now I have things to gather.
Her clothes and things are everywhere,
I even found his underwear.

Enough of these little things,
I have to let go of all the clings.
I never thought of facing this,
'Cause I was always in a bliss.

Saying goodbye was very hard,
If only you had a loving heart.
These memories I now discard,
For I have now a heart to fard.

From a character in my book that I am currently writing. Book will be finished soon, stay updated and happy reading! :D


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