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Love Is A Battlefield.

Updated on April 11, 2022
Mark Psychedlic profile image

I am an empath which means I can "feel" others emotions and feelings as well as put into words things others would find hard to understand.

Love is a minefield no matter how you percieve,

Suspicians under foot created to decieve,

You tread in open spaces hoping it will last,

You take one wrong step prepare for the blast.

Barbed wire and trenches snag you when your glad,

Broken heart's from wenchies designed to make you sad,

Explosions of emotion rips your heart asunder,

Steps of trust just tease you waiting for your blunder.

No one told you how to negotiate this field of dreams,

Echoes of those gone before you lesson though it seems,

Instead you rush headlong ignoring all the pits,

The hysterical laughter of women as they rip your heart to bits.

Star crossed lover's following a path of unwavering trust,

Ignoring the dangers each step could bestow blinded by lust,

Through the scarred unforgiving landscape of tired eye's,

Not seeing the painful truth all around hidden by lies.

Shadows cast familiar faces which ridicule with spite,

The open mouth dripping with blood hunger for the bite,

Echoes of dismay ricochet like shrapnel across the void,

While painted eye's look right through you without pride.

The air hangs heavy with clouds of sombre mistrust,

A blade of uncertainty poised before the final thrust,

Cheating souls tread silently through the dying land,

Covers realisation with the many tears of the dammed.

Screams of despair pierce the mist looking for a way out,

Is this just another nightmare of doom which fills you with doubt,

Ranks of suiters following in your aimless muddy foot prints,

You close your eyes and your reason suddenly sprints,

There's nothing left but escape from this track of misdirection,

It's maybe an act of self indulgence to make a spontaneous connection,

Sometimes it's impossible to see the wood for the trees,

When all you do is cause your heart to freeze.

With heavy heart undone by thoughts of promiscuity,

You slip back into total darkness of singular obscurity,

Another lesson is learned amongst the embers of your desire,

Sometimes it's better to be by yourself than stand alone in the fire.

So love is a battlefield you lay forgotten amongst the dying,

Wounds of love are scars of the heart which doesn't stop you trying,

But women have an unfair advantage in their arsenal of tools,

Their painted nails look so good but our scars say we're the fools.

© 2013 Mark


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