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What Is Love?

Updated on November 6, 2013

Love Is My Tattoo

You came so soon, I wasn't ready--or that's what I thought
You made me laugh--I was excited to live again;
Waking up hoping to see your name on my phone
Going to bed the same
You were an image in my mind
A fantasy of mine,
And then we collided
You and I
It happened so soon, but I knew it was right
I let you in and your light extinguished my darkness
You saw me cry, but didn't run
You saw me angry, but waited for the storm to pass
And you saw me scared, and kissed my lips;
Wrapped so tightly in your arms
You're my safe harbor
A lighthouse shining on my waves;
You opened me up and stayed there since,
I taste you on my lips
I hold you in my dreams
I see you in my heart
Carved, your name, your memory, your love, forever.


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