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Love - not your usual romantic poem

Updated on May 21, 2014


rules within my soul and brain

like an illusory mist

that causes me unbearable pain.

The Numbness

cuts my putrid wounds

and spills their contents

into the sinister bloody tombs.

The graveyard,

my future and only home

call me through my dreams

and I awfully cry until the dawn.

So helpless,

a Fear that dies,

my bed’s a coffin

with truly Love, where he lies.

And all the tears

that I’ve lost for him

are not enough

to make my eyes shine and gleam.

Oh, those Sorrow

solemnly hurt me, weak,

when I’m down

and pray for a Light to seek.

And all the treasures

that I had never found

will fly above my head

while I’m buried in the ground.

And the worms,

my last and faithful friends

will see me off forever

to my filthy skies and shattered lands.

© 2014 Tanja Trkulja


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