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Love of Mine

Updated on March 1, 2015

Love Underground

He stood upright, like a sentry beside me

My heart barely realizing what was at hand

And changed my world overnight, standing now at a distance

Your smile, your laugh, your kindness

Drawn in the sand of my despair

What God can do in a moment

I find myself wondering, what can this bring

You endured a time, sealed inside

Yet hopeful emerged, and appearing

Steal a heart shattered by neglect and disdaining

Reviving so I am reconnected to the Father,

Hearing the Voice of Truth again

Even worship knows a new freedom

As love grows deep I flower

With yet no touch or embrace

Though I long the time is future

You are my forever friend

Leaning on the everlasting arms of Christ

I wait for the dawn

While you are never far from my heart or thoughts

Even though I cannot express this divine experience

Forging against the tapestry of past and multiplied pain

Lingering for just a glimpse

Of a time of joyful fulfillment

I have so little to offer, bruised reed that I am

Tossed and bent by loss and wondering where do we go from here.

You are the iceman, rescued from a dark cold night,

Warmed by a heart you may never know

Remember me as you journey

Through the place of reunion and restoration

I will be in the background of course

My prayers carrying you even when you are unaware

So that God would see you safely there

When those moments come and you feel alone,

I sing for your soul to capture and translate

His gift of mercy floating your way.

Treasure your days for He has not forgotten you

Not even for a moment.

You are loved.


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    • Hannah David Cini profile image

      Hannah David Cini 2 years ago from Nottingham

      Beautiful words, I really like the end :)