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Love poem 1

Updated on February 19, 2013

 Billingual Love Poem expressing one's feelings

I am different.,

You know me,

l wasn't intentionally hunting for someone to be with,

You just happened, and l pursued you.

But anyway i'm happy to have you, you're mine.

and yes you're my lovely woman and l love you so.,

here's some punjabi poetry for you:

My heart feels like coming by and staying by you

Dil karda ae tere kol aa ke ruk jaava

..and that I lose myself while keeping my head tucked in your embrace

teri bukkal wich rakh ke siir muk jaava

..that I fall being a tear of your eyes

hanju ban ke digga teriya aakhaa da

..that I dry up after trickling down to your lips

tere bulla de kol aa ke sukk jaava


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