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Love and the Beast (a Narrative Poem)

Updated on October 15, 2018
Joanna Pereira profile image

JayDee grew up watching and reading fairytales. She also has been writing poetry since she was 12.

Grayson Brown
Wore a crown
With a sense of glee and power,

For beneath his wealth
And young boy health
His pride began to tower,

For he knew no end
And had no friend
For his wickedness now would show,

From a prince
And sad ever since
His viciousness began to grow,

He had no mother
And just lost his father
In a brutal accident, some say,

With no one to guide
and subdue his pride
He took over the throne his way,

But a girl with kind eyes
Who he has seen many times
Would offer him a single rose,

For taxes, he wanted more
And would simply ignore the poor
And this is the life he chose,

For the girl would say
“You should change your way
Or you’ll become what your heart has shown,

Your kingdom will fall
Good wealth and all
And the memory of you will be gone,

The king only laughed
And thought of her words as a pointless draft
And threw her rose to the floor,

But then he stopped laughing
When a wind came gusting
And her words came true and more,

The castle suddenly empty
And darkness aplenty
Was a kingdom with a King ceased,

Once again alone
And now with no throne
Stood a tall hideous beast,

Mirrors were broken
No kind words were spoken
Lived a frustrated beastly King,

But ever since the curse
The girl with kind eyes would converse
With the king or rather "that thing,”

“Didn’t I warn you?”
The girl would argue,
For she tried to stop this fate you see,

“Your Highness, just realize your mistake
And from this curse, you’ll break,
Remember what your mother wanted you to be,”

His heart did leap
As her words did seep
And Grayson began to think,

For his mother was the best
A queen unlike the rest
For between his heart and hers was a link,

For in a memory of prince no older than five
His mother would wipe the tear from his eye
And to soothe him she would sing,

But when she died
In him, bitterness reside
And he became this awful thing,

For now, he realized what he lost
And what his greed had cost
For his ways, he is fed up,

In this loving memory
His mother’s love he can see
Whispering “Wake up”

And his eyes flutter open
For his kingdom was never stolen
But in one perfect piece in his midst,

For he was merely dreaming
And a day is just beginning
One where his evil ways will cease to exist,

For he lifted off the tax
And given the poor the max
And to his kingdom, he swore to be a noble King

And the girl with kind eyes stood out
To her, he would hold a single rose and shout
“Miss, Would you be my queen?”

And she would smile and say
“Glad you have changed your way
But why me for this journey?”

He smiles back “cause of your love for me
You came and set me free
And now being together is my certainty,

For he loved the girl
And his feelings no one could alter,
For the beast never came to be
And the King lived happily ever after.

© 2018 JayDee


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    • shimmering Dawn profile image


      2 years ago

      A beautiful tale narrated in charming poetry.

    • Leslie Robertson profile image

      Leslie Robertson 

      2 years ago from Tennessee

      I love this poem, to see yourself from the inside out and make a change for the better!

    • The0NatureBoy profile image

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      2 years ago from Washington DC

      Jay Dee,

      A love story where love produced such a change in a "beast of a boy" that only "Actual Love" will do. What I mean by "Actual Love" is commonly called Indifference as "Love aka Indifference" reveals.

      Love, a word which cannot be defined,

      not what you do but a frame of mind;

      yet it does create an effect

      few are ever able to reject.

      It does not build empires by setting boundary lines,

      neither does it stake out claiming things as mine.

      It's not selfish to any at all,

      not to rich nor poor, nor great nor small.

      It's not bias in any light,

      not to red nor yellow nor black nor white;

      but it does make every living thing your brother,

      spirit your father and the earth your nursing mother.

      Thank you for sharing it, it caused my eyes to water with respect for your creation.

      Elijah NatureBoy

    • Paul Balagtas profile image

      Paul Balagtas 

      2 years ago from Philippines

      Love can truly change us...

    • ethel smith profile image

      Ethel Smith 

      2 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Nice happy ending and a reminder to us all. Be kind, be happy.


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