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Love...Is there such a thing

Updated on November 30, 2012

Love, is there truly such a thing.

Something for us to hold onto,

Something for us to cling.

Without it we are nothing more than a clanging cymbal.

Something that many lives have come to resemble.

For years I searched for love that was patient and kind:

But there was no one's love for me to find

I walked through the valleys down low;

And the peaks of the mountains on high:

I set my sails to the seas below,

And scoured the lands with hope as my sight.

When travails were oe'r and done,

My hope for love; there was none.

I threw up my hands in anger and haste;

The thought of love was nothing but a waste.

And just when I was about to close love's book,

Something encouraged me to take another look.

To my amazement I saw love before me,

It was there the entire time for all to see.

I didn't have climb a mountain, or sail the ocean blue;

For the love I sought was found in you.

I felt a love that breathed to me new life,

A love so pure she became my wife.

The Love of my life: She is my wife.

Celebrating our 25 anniversary by taking a cruise.
Celebrating our 25 anniversary by taking a cruise.


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