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Lovely Embrace

Updated on June 3, 2016


Only love...
Only love... | Source

Was it real?

Marisa smiled as John hugged her so tightly. Was it only a dream? Only a few weeks ago, she was walking alone, only dreaming about how could it be to feel loved.. just for once. Marisa thought that she was born to be unlovable, as love seemed to run away from her. When most of her old classmates were already married, and having children, Marisa was as single as she could be. At night, some bitter tears of loneliness fell from her eyes. Her mother told her one-thousand times to stop caring so much about such a thing. Yet, her heart ached with some kind of crawling sadness...

No More Lonely Days

But one good day, something incredible happened. A nice boy named John just moved into her block… and, from the first moment, it did looked like as if he had found something “interesting” in Marisa. Maybe she was so far away of having the looks of an European runaway model. So what? John was able to feel and understand the special way to be of the young lady. And just like the tiniest flower receives the fresh kiss of water, Marisa opened her arms to enjoy the warm embrace of John´s arms. Suddenly, life got lighter for her, not perfect… but better, and that's the only thing that mattered.

So what?

What if nobody was able to understand her feelings? For a change, she was happy, and more than determined to don´t let anyone mess up with her. It wasn´t going to be easy, but she wasn´t scared od trying.



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