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My Angelic Encounter

Updated on July 14, 2016

Last week my dream was shaken,

It was interrupted by a sudden visitation,

Of an angel,

My angel.

She was floating gown flowing,

Caramel skin was glowing,

Her eyes brown and I was adoring,

Her black hair that was curly.

A Beautiful angel,

My angel.

I'm staring at her,

I can't believe,

This beautiful creature,

Has come to me,

I reach out,

Hoping for an embrace,

But I noticed,

An unsettling look,

On her face,

I said "what's wrong",

She said " I wish I knew you better",

Then she broke the news,

That we could never be together,

Then she flew away,

An afraid angel,

My angel.

Ever since then,

My nights are full of anger,

Because I will never again see,

That amazing angel,

My angel.


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