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Love's Death Sentence

Updated on January 3, 2011

Life, weeping willow
Over grown
Very tired
Every breath drawn
Solitude gone

Delivery from evil
Excruciating torment
Ascension into hell
Treachery revealed
Holocaust of soul

Seraphic judgment
Epithet of beautiful words
Nakedness exploited
Traduce a name
Execution of a heart
Necropolis opens its gate
Catacombs await
Evermore is the way of


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    • profile image

      JadedLove 6 years ago

      DEATH'S A LOVE SENTENCE...For your inspiration.

      Dying to hold forever.

      Eternally bound in light.

      All dreams blending.

      Tomorrow never comes.

      Holding out for this.

      Seeing lust burning clean.

      As I breathe it's for you.

      Learning to cope with demise.

      Older thoughts flowing in.

      Vacant my heart was before.

      Ecstasy calling me home.

      Staying with new fears.

      Everything fades away.

      Nonetheless this is LOVE.

      Taken from childhood dreams.

      Each breath better still.

      Nothing ends as we die.

      Cherish your heart I will.

      Eternity calling LOVE home.

      Johnny Love