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Love's Garden

Updated on January 25, 2017

Nicole Nordeman/What If

The garden fresh with morning dew was lit

from heavenly sunshine up above

Companions side by by side in search

of the One they knew as Love

Branches overhead were gently swaying

casting shadows on the ground

Anticipation grew with every breath

until at last Love made a sound

Feet shifted in the tender grass

unsure of which path they should take

Hope filling every space inside

for the next sound Love would make

And the wonder of this gift called Life

surrounded them on every side

So new to them this heavenly haven

in which Love placed them to abide

So much created for sheer enjoyment

the eye could scarcely take it in

The sun, the moon and stars above

surely their hearts Love would win

For they danced amid the flowers

resting peacefully in Love's care

Not a stain of imperfection

could Love permit their hearts to bear

In Love's presence there was goodness

no cause of evil would they know

Such things could not be permitted

where love needed most to grow

The beauty lasted only briefly

and Love grieved deeply on the day

When the children of creation

chose to go a separate way

Tears of sadness showered down

in torrent rainfalls from the sky

Angels grieved for all humanity

for they feared that love would die

Distance filling every tiny place

where intimacy had once been shared

And fear crept in overnight it seemed

was there anyone who cared

The children felt abandoned

peace no longer stilled their mind

And how they longed to hear the sound

of the One they left behind

And the search it seemed unending

for blissful days of long ago

The darkness spilled over the ages

marking lives within it's flow

Had Love given up all hope

for it's created human race

What would happen to the children

born to a fallen height from grace

Would they ever know their Maker

and be freed from the stain of sin

To abide in Love's pure presence

and taste the newness once again

But Love seems to be forgotten

lost amid this broken place

Even though it returned so long ago

to once again stand face to face

Jesus came to this, our garden still

the sun, the moon, the stars above

And though our soil be stained with sin

He chose to die here for our love

Perfection stood in the face of evil

to banish it's hold upon our heart

Freeing creation to know life again

as God intended from the start

But as in the days of Eden

the choice is left for us to make

Death's doorway is the entrance

to the path our hearts will take

God knew of the height of heaven

and the distance we would face

How sin sought to destroy goodness

and the memory of it's place

Attempts by man to reach perfection

have been carried forth in vain

For effort could not take the place

of Him who bore our pain

His life was given as a sacrifice

to help the lost regain their sight

To carry crippled children

back to the garden filled with light

Though now hidden by the darkness

and tangled weeds, which now have grown

Still so often does He visit

to tend the seeds His hand has sown

For He knows the day is coming

when with Him our hearts we'll share

The blessedness of the reunion with

the blossoms in His care

The early light of day is dawning

when the children will come home

Their journeys destination reached

their tired feet no more to roam

The garden gates will swing wide open

as tree branches sway above

Smiles beaming as they see the face

of the One they knew as Love

Always had He been faithful

to bridge the distance from the start

Love had kept them close by growing

His own garden in their heart...

Lisa Patricoff 2010


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    • Elisa659 profile image

      Elisa659 6 years ago from Inverness, FL

      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate that you took time to read it. It was a long one! Have a blessed Easter..

    • tnderhrt23 profile image

      tnderhrt23 6 years ago

      Just beautiful! I love this!