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Love VS Hate - poem

Updated on April 27, 2011

Love, as the Italians say, is blind. It knows no fear or resin of wayward people. It encases ones body and makes you numb to the pain you one day feel. It understands nothing of lies or deceit and it knows not of selfishness. However, Love knows much of Hate. For without Hate, there would be no Love. Love, so knowing it’s only hope for survival lies in one that contradicts it so, bows to Hates every whim. For this reason, the two are so many times mistaken for one another.

Two forces, equal in power and authority fighting for priority. However, Hate will be around long after Loves’ high wears off. The war bears on in every life and relationship that beckons for desire and affection. In the end, Hate will rule over Loves’ territory no matter how vast or seemingly endless it may be.

Nothing is fair in this war, for Love is not, in any way fair. Masking its true intention, Love lures all to its side. Its inquiring way of bring two souls together leads to wonder why it wouldn’t be the best option. Tis’ only after Love has defeated and torn down the very castle it built up that Hates’ design is recognized. Much to Loves demise, it is now time for Hate to reign. Not similar to Love, Hates’ intentions are unchanging and in turn not masked. It is simple and recognizable. Hate does not build with intent to destroy, nor does it lie to lead others to fall to its sin. Rather, it is people who are drawn to Hate. Its subjects are more loyal than Love has ever seen. The bond that Hate builds between people is stronger and deeper than the worlds’ biggest ocean. The trust that is fragmented from this bond is one that will never be broken. For, unlike Loves’ trust, its trust never dies. There is nothing a person could do to surprise Hate enough to affect the great loyalty and trust shared. There is nothing worse than Hate. No lie, no bitter word, no horrible act can challenge Hate. Because of this simple fact, Hate remains ruler of the new and old world and Love will continue to fall on bended knee to Hate….


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    • OpinionDuck profile image

      OpinionDuck 7 years ago

      Love and hate in a man woman relationship is different than other contexts like love for a thing, or hate something.

      with a man woman relationship hate can be the opposite of love or it can be love plus. If the person that is hating had been in love with the person they now hate, then hate could still be love. In that case, love is the basis of that hate.

      Complicated, yes, but we are humans, and we are complex.

      Happy Thanksgiving

    • AmyTaylor profile image

      AmyTaylor 7 years ago

      Thank you for your feedback and encouragment!

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago

      .....well I certainly do not hate to say this but I love this hub - and with your brilliant thoughtful probing mind at the helm this is a highway of written prose with no speed limit .......

    • Marie Louise profile image

      Marie Louise 7 years ago

      Beautiful, love it!