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Loving KickStarter Project Site

Updated on September 26, 2012

Project On Kickstarter

My Project on Kickstarter
My Project on Kickstarter | Source

What is Kickstarter? We’re the world's largest funding platform for creative projects.

I have found a site that is new to me called kickstarter. It is an excellent site for writers. If you have a writing project and lack funds for editing, publishing or art work to complete your project, you can create a funding page on kickstarter.

I started the project and I am now active on the site and able to receive funds for my latest writing project, From Heartbreak To Heaven/A Memoir in Prose and Essays. I have the manuscript, however, did not have the funds to pay for a good editor. I have published several ebooks on Amazon, and I thought they were good product representations of my writing, however, both lacked editing. Editing cost money when you are a self-published writer and Kickstarter is an excellent place to share your love for writing and obtain financial backing to complete your writing project.

When you go to the Kickstarter website, follow the instructions carefully. I received several emails during the review process, before my project went live. Now I am open for funding on the kickstarter page. I love my hubpage community and wanted to make sure I shared this wonderful opportunity to fund your writing projects. Good luck!

I hope that my fellow hubbers will support my publishing quest, none of us make it on our journey alone and that is why I am sharing this information with all of you!


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