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A total recall!

Updated on September 23, 2014

striding along

From cradle to grave

All the way

I valentined her!

I knew

She will be born

For me!

Being the first to see her

Out of the maternity ward

I managed

To put a sugar crystal

In her mouth,

And whispered

My long-cherished name for her

Into her right ear -


To me

She is MY JOY!

At three,

She eyed at a toffee -

The next moment,

I got her, candily!

At five,

She dribbled at an ice-cream -

At once,

I melted to buy her!

At ten,

She longed for an attire -


I robed her, stylishly!

At fifteen,

She demanded a laptop -


I purchased it, eagerly!

At twenty,

She disclosed her love -

Shattered -

I was, drastically!

At twenty-three,

She married -

And I greeted her, blissfully -

Enjoy - said I, blessingly!

Came she the next year -

Widowed, sadly!


Wept I, bitterly!

Breathed her last

The following month -

Followed her I

To the grave, quietly -

Completing the circle!


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    • sujaya venkatesh profile image

      sujaya venkatesh 4 years ago

      fate sir fate!

    • profile image

      Johannes Beilharz 4 years ago

      I liked it a lot up to the widowed part. Guess I'm a sucker for happy endings :)