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Loving and Leaving

Updated on May 27, 2010

Piercing the heart

Well here I go again, wearing my heart out on my sleeve
Just when I find something special, I have to go and leave.
I know I shall return for you have said it so
But if I had my way, I would never go.
How you’ve pierced my heart to the very core
Only makes me want a future with you all the more.
I didn’t see it happening; came right out of the blue
I do know my heart though and what I feel is true.
Do you feel the same, or am I just a fool
Something to be used and discarded like a broken tool.
If I’ve touched you as well, you only have to say “you do”
I’ll know what you mean by that and that makes this true.
The rest of our lives is yours if you want it to be
But if you don’t, I’ll leave you alone forever so that you can be free.
Am I the one you were looking for or am I just a pass-through
I hope the first is right, unless you tell me though I don’t have a clue.
I know a life together would be great as I understand you so well
Only you can decide that though because your feelings, I can’t tell.


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