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Loving the Nighttime

Updated on September 11, 2012

Billy listens to his wife breathing

In and out, it sounds like a soft autumn breeze

She is resting quietly beside him.

A look of peace covers her face like a blanket

These are the best times for Bill.

Resting in the peace in the dead of night

Occasionally, the dog stirs at the foot of their bed.

Yawning briefly as he stretches his legs.

The nice clean sheets feel good against his skin.

He takes a momentary look at his wife.

Every Wednesday the sheets are changed, rain or shine.

He nestles deep into the sheets enjoying the feel.

Truly, this is the best part of his day.

Lying and listening to the sounds of the night.

After a sip of water from the night stand.

He closes his eyes and sleep comes quickly.


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