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Lucky You

Updated on December 22, 2015

Lucky You - Poem

It must be nice that you get to put your kids in timeout
For something silly that is really no big deal anyway
Would you still have done it
If you knew it was the last day you’d get to spend with them
Lucky you
You get to hug them for no reason
Take them to school
Pick them up and listen to “The Lion King” soundtrack for the 16th time this month
Would you spoil them with ice cream
Even though you knew it was bad for them
The teachers and the family doctor told you no
The little things we take for granted
Remember their first cry
Holding them close
You were tired from hours of labor
You could've stayed up all night
Not caring about how exhausted you were then
Even with knowing you’d never get another decent night’s sleep again
Time to get used to cutting the crust from a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
Macaroni and cheese has become a Monday night meal
Perfect that goulash recipe a little more every week
Lucky you get to do all this
When all I can do is dream of this
And dread thinking all of what I am missing
And envy you when I see you
In the park watching your kids sliding down the slide
I think, “Come on, mom, join them. Slide down with them.”
I know I would do it without thinking twice
This could be the last day you get to spend with them
Don’t regret a single day
Stop worrying if you didn’t say things right
Be thankful you get to tell them at all
Never stop telling them you love them
No matter how many times they repeat, “I know, mom.”
Listen to your daughter when she smiles and says, “I fell in love.”
Never say tell them, “You said that before and look where that has gotten you.”
Trust that they will screw up and learn from their mistakes
Love them unconditionally anyway
Their choices may not be perfect, but to you they are
Don’t let your personal feelings for their poor choices
Dictate how much you love them
Accept them for who they are
Don’t judge them because they mess up
Or you’ll convince them they must be perfect in order to win your love
Don’t do what your mother did
Do it better
Be compassionate when it’s the most difficult time to be
Teach them right from wrong
But, do it with all your love
Lucky you
When you get to kiss them goodnight
After the 12th time you read them “Snow White”
Nursing a scraped knee with a kiss
Their eyes light up celebrating their first Christmas
Don't say, "You shouldn't have done that."
They already know that
They don't need you to tell them
Praise them for their right
Don't remind them of their wrong
They just need you to understand
And don't say, "You don't see me doing things like that.'
Of course not
Because you're not them
You're the adult
So act like one
The time to spend with them is now
Because you never know
If their will be a tomorrow


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    • Amanda Abbott profile image

      Meredyth Lynne 2 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Yeah. I've learned a lot being away from kids. I'm determined that my absence from them won't last for long.

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 2 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Well said Meredyth, and very sad.