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Lucky Strike: Supermarkets and Serial Killers

Updated on June 9, 2015

My Irish mother, Barbara Ann, from Syracuse N.Y., had planned on spending the winter months with me here in Florida, beginning in the winter of 2009. In July 2009 Barbara Ann died of lung cancer.

This video contains footage of Terri Linn Mcnutt Hall; a beautiful woman who fell victim to the death merchants,became addicted to cigarettes, and died of cancer at the age of 53, on September 16, 2013. Also featured is some great Rave footage shot by Mike Curran of Amped Up Films. Toward the end of the video are images of famous celebrities who have died from a tobacco related illness.

"Lucky Strike" written and performed by wrenchBiscuit © 2014


A universal morality operates from a position of free will. Who has come to pervert, and to exploit the nature of man but a reptile? They did not come out of the sky from a world light years away, but they have come up out of the Earth. Now in public they stand among us like men, but in the private life they congregate and crawl upon their bloated bellies.

Free will allows that a man is free to sell his poison. Free will also allows that another man can name the poison,name the man,and rebuke the evil. Those who promote sickness and death through the sale of cigarettes, and other tobacco products, deserve to be seen and defined as they truly are. It is fascinating that a serial killer who kills more than 3 people is portrayed as a depraved monster; fascinating because the victims of the people who have profited from the sale of tobacco products number in the tens of millions! Apparently, serial murder that creates jobs and a taxable commodity in a Capitalist system, is an acceptable form of human sacrifice.


The teenagers who are portrayed in this video are the primary targets of the tobacco industry. It is a well known fact that most people begin smoking between the ages of 11 and 16. Although there are exceptions to the rule, most human beings under the age of 30 are still struggling to become adults.Certainly, we cannot expect a teenager to recognize the face of evil when there are many Americans over the age of 65 who can't see past a smiling face. It is also unreasonable to hold teenagers who smoke cigarettes accountable when many of their peers have chosen not to smoke.

Here is why: We would not hold a child accountable for the fact that they were born lactose intolerant, or afflicted with Downs Syndrome. However, many of us have the misconception that anyone who has not been declared mentally ill is completely responsible for their own actions. I suppose that such a black and white interpretation of the world is comforting to those who prefer not to think for themselves, but the real world is not so easy to define. Human arrogance tells us that we are godlike creatures who control our own destiny, but there is no empirical evidence to back up this fanciful notion.The fact is,some people are more easily influenced, and susceptible to certain forms of mind control than others. It is simply not fair to hold them accountable for a condition they were born with; a condition that has been exploited by the tobacco industry.

Furthermore, it has been accepted that it is unlawful, and immoral, for an adult to have intimate relations with a child, or a teenager. Keeping this in mind, how are we to imagine that those who exploit children and teenagers for the purpose of selling cigarettes are any more respectable? There have been many advertising campaigns, and anti-smoking commercials over the last 45 years, but most, if not all, only focus on the dangers of smoking. I can't recall one that has identified and indicted those who profit from the misery of others.


Can you imagine a woman being violated, and instead of identifying her attacker, the news media only focuses on the fact that it was dangerous for her to be walking alone at night; dangerous for her to be wearing a short skirt; dangerous for her to be speaking to strange men in seedy bars. Such one-sided news coverage could easily lead one to believe that the woman made herself a victim; that she made bad choices and was simply "asking for it". This is how anti-smoking campaigns are usually conducted. The dangers of smoking are clearly and graphically illustrated, but the focus is on the responsibility of the individual to make the right choice. The perpetrator of the crime is left out of the loop; as if the tobacco industry, cigarette manufacturer, advertising agency,supermarket, mom and pop, or local liquor store bears no responsibility at all. We are made to understand that the victim is also the perpetrator!

Human accountability cannot be determined apart from, or within a particular social system; especially a Capitalist system. The very survival of such a system depends on it's ability to maintain influence and control over the consumer. Our opinions and perceptions are constantly being influenced and tossed about like the autumn leaves,and the sands of the Treasure Coast.

At this point some might offer that I am suggesting a human being bears no accountability for their own decisions, or actions. But such an accusation is born of years of conditioning, and mind control. The ruling elite have popularized the notion that to see ourselves as victims is self-defeating. They have also championed the notion that the individual is accountable, and solely responsible for his or her own actions. The general acceptance of these false notions has helped to insulate, and protect the corporations that sell the poison; a poison that destroys mind and body, while generating huge profits. A man who does not see himself as a victim, has no reason to look for a perpetrator. Thus, the death merchants are able to operate, not only with impunity, but as respectable members of their communities. The question of personal responsibility is secondary to the question of what can, and should be done to confound those who exploit human weakness, and continue to profit from human misery and death.


The tobacco industry has woven it's web of evil into the fabric of free will. As such, we cannot in good conscience prosecute the manufacturers and distributors for serial murder when all of the victims appear to be willing participants!

I am an advocate of free will. I believe the tobacco industry should have the right to continue selling their poison as long as people are willing to buy it. But it is the responsibility of those of us who know better to educate the public, especially the youth, which is the primary target of the tobacco industry. We must also stop blaming the victim, and shine a light on those who continue to exploit human weakness for profit, and material gain. Everyone on the gravy-train must be held accountable: the grower, and the manufacturer, the supermarket and the mom and pop.

Yes, I do not believe in prohibition or censorship, and yes I believe that people have the right to sell cigarettes, and other tobacco products. But I do not believe that anyone who profits from an industry that annually causes the deaths of over 480,000 human beings in the U.S. alone, has the right to be considered respectable. Nor do they have the right to continue hiding the practice of serial murder for profit behind the facade of "free will".

© 2014 Ronnie wrenchBiscuit


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