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Even in death the mind wanders - poem

Updated on December 17, 2010



I run to you, I hold you close, and entangled in my loving arms you lay. Mourning and ever so broken I cradle you, rocking your tears away. Lulled to sleep, I sing to you, captivated by an unchanging embrace. Hush my love, my life, for here you are safe. Words unspoken, are never I wish I could have held you so. Touching your face and watching your pain melt away as you gaze up at me for the last time. My words of sorrow and amends are one breath too late. I pull your face close to my chest, hoping you can feel my heart bleed for you...But your body is cold and your arms are so stiff. I now know, what should have been, will never be. My eyes become cloudy and my tears fall to rest on your beautiful cheeks. Sleep now gentle sadness in unending serenity. Dream of me and hear my last song of comfort. Love me forever in a land so far from mine and wait for enchanting embrace. I close your eyes and steal one last kiss from your whispered lips. Continuing to hold you in my arms, I try to rock my tears away. Rock-a-bye O lonesome dove; fly away to rest in everlasting peace...


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    • AmyTaylor profile image

      AmyTaylor 7 years ago

      Thank you epigramman for your kind words of encouragment! Thank you all for stopping by and taking the time not only to read but also engage in my writing.

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 7 years ago from Australia

      Lovely space of heart and loss. Nice.

    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 7 years ago take 'writing' to another level that most other people only dream of ......

    • profile image

      4youreyes 7 years ago

      A very touching way and personal look at death by some one who is very loving and caring.Great writing