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Lured to Destruction

Updated on June 25, 2017
Brett Romine profile image

Brett Romine is a teacher and writer. He recently published Feudal Education, or The Heretic Knight, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

I once bathed in that voice of yours--

Penetrating my soul, making the blood pulse in my ears,

That siren song so full of passion, a whispering breath,

A sweet longing for death, so full of warmth,

Like the amniotic sea from which I once emerged,

Bathed in blood, pulsating with life,

A scream ringing loud in the empty air.

Once I followed that voice of yours everywhere.

The moon was close, the sun not too far,

For me to chase the sound of your siren song.

Music played, not so fine, as one embrace

Of your voice divine to my longing soul.

Remember, love, you called me forth

From the darkness and I traveled a thousand miles

With your horn of love, an ivory conch inlaid with silver.

You brought me back to where you are now.

To a foreign world, longing but never belonging

Loving, but never beloved

Your siren song sent me spinning beneath the waves.

Remember me, love, you called me forth

Conjured me up from nothing. And I appeared,

Dazzled by your beauty, overcome by desire,

Descending downward to the murky bottom

Never forgetting that siren song: drowning in the mire.


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