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Updated on June 1, 2016

I’ll hold you tighter than a python, I’m itching for a fix that I cannot quite wait on. The longer it takes the more I become interested, Don’t worry about what others say just as long as we both can benefit. Ecstasy rises at its highest level of altitude, as we become tangled in each other’s sexual attitudes. It’s not what the mind thinks but what the body needs, like a full course meal I’m open and ready to feed. Nutritious value that I own with no value, I wouldn’t put a price on her but I think I might have to. If sold to the next I’ll remember all that was taught to me, I admit you rocked my world and its forever installed in my memory. Skin so soft It melts my heart within an instant of touch, it seems unreal the way our bodies form together without a scuff. The pressure is up and has finally bust, I feel more alive than ever from the feeling of lust. This isn’t love so let’s not pretend any longer, I just want to continue the feeling that makes our sexual appetite grow stronger. No emotions are connected to this maze, and right after this session I’ll be moving on to the next phase. We can agree that no one finds out or even has the slightest clue, but when it all goes down it won't matter to anyone besides me and you. This is something that I want you to truly understand, you can never be my women and I could never be your man. Overall we are just passing time, and experimenting all that comes to mind. Maybe one day you’ll get what you want 100 percent, but now is not the right time to explain or clarify this. It’s been a while and Love never came up on either of our minds, or if it did I didn't see it because sometimes love can be blind. I’ve read the texts and see that I’m not the only one thinking about you, so why have your cake and get to eat every slice to. Don’t be greedy if you can’t commit, that just means your selfish along with your own self Indulgence's. I'll pretend to care but not for too long, I’m just trying to change the lyrics to this same old song. we’re close like friends but that’s where it ends, the only involvement between us were strictly benefits. I have a heart but choose not to share it, because stronger feelings from this point on will only lead to damage. I’m looking out for you and protecting your feelings as well, I wish I could be more to you but I guess only time will tell. Don’t be disappointed or upset, I’m just speaking the truth while showing the upmost respect.


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