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O Shulammite-a lost song

Updated on April 25, 2013

A lost Inscription


I am lessened in your absence

My maps do not guide; I stray

I am a door unhinged; broken

A house emptied; in ruins


You are native to me; flesh on my bones

Come home to me- twinned soul- to my heart

Let us strike deep roots in the soil of our love


Do oceans separate you? O Shulammite! Cross them

Are there walls between you; break them

Ford the rivers; walk each pitted path; lay mountains low;

Find your lover

Does he not thirst for you? Like a desert for cool rain

Fly to your lover-Like a bird that returns in spring

Does he not wait? Like a child for its mother


Do cold walls stand between us?

Or do distances separate-

Are there spaces unseen?

I hollow out the bole of my soul

I make parchments from my being

I etch in your name with acids

My love, you are woven into my sinews-

Engraved on the tablets of my heart


When my lover and I shall meet

I shall teach him the language of my heart

Each word he speaks shall be a caress

His voice is music to my soul-

A balm for my heart


Redeem me my love, do not be aloof

For we are one; a creation indivisible

Embrace me- drown me in your tresses

Let me feel the warmth on your skin;

And breathe of the wind in your hair

Let me live on your scent alone;

Let me entwine my soul with you.

Beloved, divided from you I unravel;

I am subtracted from all truth


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