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M E a N I N G?

Updated on July 2, 2016

By Soamy

When we are young,immature,unfearing,unblinking,we are in our most pristine form. We

speak out our minds,too easily,without any filter,with absolutely no hesitation. I've never seen a child hesitating or regretting for whatever she does. The reason why a child is always happy,"they just know this though unconsciously how to live in present & make most out of it with minimal worries & insecurities", & they are the ones who the real meaning of detachment. Each one desires & deserves to live life with same young,energetic spirit as they grow up. But nothing goes on so smoothly as a fairy tale,life holds its own turns and twists of which we can certainly never know. All we can really do is to embrace oneself. That's what my father used to tell me when i was a child.

Sometimes when things are not going the way they were supposed to go,we tend to lose ourselves & in consequence meaning of life. Every small rebuff hurts more than it ever hurt. All of a sudden,miraculously,we search for our purpose,goals like never before. There is this abrupt urge for inner realization. But in hard times,it's too difficult to stay focused on whether to live life chasing dreams or end up insignificantly. Because it's conspicuously hard,people tend to choose the other option,unnatural death. HERE comes our true test of all inner strengths we possess,continue to live unmindful of tears,sorrow,pain,worry,embarrassment or give up without attaining the dreams we dreamed. We need to perceive the real structure of how the world works. When we are down,stuck,speechless,expressionless,no one cares. It means till we are immaterial,unimportant,we are actually safe. Remember no one ever kicks a dead dog. It's the time when we try for achieving something precious,crucial that we face the worst criticism not only from outsiders but insiders the most. Ours are the first ones to leave in despair. YES, that might happen with some unfortunate ones. Although they have left,but they still pretend to be together.

It would be the most unwise thing to give up for those who don't really care... instead it's the time to recollect past glories, & gather all optimism that we can. With no one standing beside but own shadow, seek the truest self -reliance. To show ourselves once & for all that we are not as weak as we thought we were. Some strengths are hidden, we need to learn to unleash them in the times o f crisis . There is absolutely no need to pander to the second most heavyhearted option.


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