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Updated on May 16, 2012

Springtime had sprung in the hills of Kentucky
Where daffodils bloom and redbuds burst open
And a mule called Dinah did not feel so lucky
To be chosen by my daddy for a pick as a token
To bare the bit and the bridle
That Dinah wished was broken.
To Daddy's gaping amazement, she had no intention,
To wear this bit and bridle he forced on her with no word being spoken
And slid the binding leather over her ears
That stood up in a stubborn suspension
And served the purpose of increasing her fears
As Dinah wished that crazy plow was broken!
Daddy Gee'd and Daddy Haw'd
Until both man and mule
Had sweated and snorted
To come to the conclusion that Daddy must rule,
Because the master of this mule he had not aborted.
Daddy swished and swatted the lead rope at Dinah
To combat this mule's attitude
But this mule was not made of china.
With the stubborness that gave them their name,
And with no shining platitude,
Dinah made it all a game
To see the man and the mule
That questioned one another's ability
To remember who was the boss
Of this garden facility.


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