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Senior Year Inspiration

Updated on October 28, 2014

The Beginning

It all started back in August, when the Class of 2014 was together once again, but this time it was our year to be royal. I remember first meeting all of my teachers for the first time, and the last time I saw them. They went from being just your senior teachers to being your favorite allies for after high school. I remember I couldn't even survive the first day, as usual. I got to 5th period and felt like crap, so I went home right after meeting my favorite teacher that year, Ms. VanHulle. A few days later, I was finally able to complete an entire first day of school. Haha. By this time, I was already reflecting upon the year due to the reason that it was my last year in high school. It was a mix of emotions of pride, happiness, sadness, afraidness, and anxiety for what is to come after. By this time of the year, one of my favorite times, football game time. Black Hole (a group of abnoxious people who scream and chant at football games) turned into a family, and I barely knew any of them. It was not due to my lack of social ability, but because there were so few that were as dedicated to group as me. I was a member for 7 years. Now I know you are saying, "Wow. What a loser. He got held back three times." No. Actually I started attending as a black hole member when I was in the sixth grade. Like every senior, I wondered, "How am I going to be remembered?" I was taught that there were 3 types of people in high school. There are the people that participate, the people who observe, and the people who sit at home. Over the course of my 4 years of high school, I transformed from that loner to the kid who danced at the prom rally. I know what you are thinking. "Nice autobiography, but why the hell am I reading this?" I am trying to give you a story that may or may not inspire you to experience your senior year to the fullest, because I look back and have no regrets. I actually miss high school a little bit, but never admit it excessively because people will say that you probably "peaked" in high school. Remeber it's "peaked" not "peeped." That is the first mistake I made. Can you imagine telling another person that they "peeped" in high school? Like, how would you know that? Haha. Anyways, back to reality. So the first thing I did to insure I would be remembered was paint my face and wear a blue cape with my friends to our last football game. I got some credit for that performance haha. So the semester progressed and it came to fill out college apps, and that was fun and all, but the main attraction was it was approaching the night for Homecoming! All I can say is that no matter how awkward you are around people, you must go! It was an awesome dance! I went to every dance that year single, and regreted nothing. Girls and Guys, if you got friends, go to Homecoming as a group. It creates a more festive feeling amongst the group. Of course I asked a few people (girls) to dance, but overall it was more of a "friend" dance. Besides the previous story, "Not All Love Stories Have Happy Endings," it was an overall amazing experience.


grad pic after
grad pic after | Source

Winter Arrives

So we fast forward to the beginning of winter, where sports I didn't watch, came out to play. I can honestly say that spirit week for Christmas was great! Once January struck down on us, it seemed like mayhem due to the upcoming finals. I was taking the hardest class offered at the school, College Physics. You have not lived through hell until you have taken that course. It was dreadful. Haha. Well anyways, those finals were hard, the least to say. Further down the line, we arrive into semester 2, where the beginning is a celebration for the last semester. We had our Winterball dance right around the corner. My friends and I were also debating once again whether or not we should take a date or go stag once mpre, and of course, like the cocky man I am, I chose to go stag. I thought I would get picked up over there. Once we arrive at the dance we enter the Hilton with confidence, looking like the actors from 21 Jump Street. Unfortunately, we had no white doves to accompany us in my Ford Exploder car. I believe I wore the classic suit and tie that I am known for as well.

Date Festival

favorite night of senior year
favorite night of senior year | Source

Fresh Spring Air

Spring arrived. I remember it just like it was last year, except it actually was last year. It started out as every other semester, where kids goofed off until the last month because they didn't have to worry about finals. January went by so fast, but once we hit February, it was as if the semester was never going to end. And to be honest, I kind of wished it didn't end. Once February hit, the annual Date Festival was upon us. As part of an AVID team member, we were encouraged to assemble a team to compete against our fellow competitive high schools. I was a bit skeptical due to my poor physique, and competitive willingness. Unlike me, my friends on the other hand, were the first to sign up on the list because they knew it was their senior year, and they wanted to do everything to make it count! At the time, I still felt hesitant, so I chose to help the team train, using obstacles that would be used in the competition, so that we were sure to win. Once the first day of the Date Festival came around, it was game day! Once we arrived, each school (excluding us) were piled up on the first set of bleachers, waiting for their school to thrive. Our school on the other hand, decided that the distance was to far to travel and was not worth it, therefore, it was only our group of 10 people that stood in the stands to be their supporters. Ironically, one of the events was school spirit, and we came in third place compared to the other three teams that pretty much had a full audience with them. Overall we came in third place as well, but afterwards, was when it got interesting. We split into separate groups, the team, and the supporters. My group (the supporters) went and explored the Date Festival, and I have never had such a great time with those amazing people. I thought it couldn't get any better until everyone regrouped at the hypnosis show at 9pm. We sat down and waited until she called out for contestants. My best friend Ivan was called because our friend Lawrence carried him on his shoulders while everyone chanted his name. Our friend Ivan is a bit more expressive in his dancing, and well if you can recall the movie "Legally Blonde," then you must know the bend and snap. Well anyways, he did THAT on stage in front of 400 people viewing the hypnosis show. He also stripped his pants off onstage as well. This is why I recall this night my favorite night of Senior Year. In the picture above, the reason why he has lipstick and face paint on is due to him having blue paint for the game competition. The lipstick is from the hypnotist show where a contestant was hypnotized to put lipstick on all the guys' mouths.


prom photo of the guys in my group
prom photo of the guys in my group | Source

As the season of Spring progressed, and was about to come to a close with the Summer approaching us, prom was right around the corner. As always I asked myself if I was going to bring a date, but of course this dance was more significant than the rest due to it being known as the 'dance to have a date.' After much thought, it resulted in another stag event. I will always look back and wonder what would of happened if I took a date, but then I realize that I got to spend the night with my entire group of friends with a few random people I met at the dance. All and All, it was a good day/night. I guess it is not the tradition that mattered most to me, but it was about having the right people to spend the night with at the dance.

Tip: To make the night an actual 'night to remember,' be the life of the party. Act crazy in front of people you don't know. Dance crazy. Meet people. And Scream.

Grad Video

(Video Above)

This is our graduation video, hopefully showing some insight as to what is to come on that special night with your friends and family. That night was intense, fast, slow, and emotional all at the same time.


I remember it just like it was yesterday, I felt like crap. The grad practices was a sudden change in mind. I remember thinking to myself, "Wow. So this is it. This is where it all ends, but also where it all begins." If you didn't get that feeling by prom, it will either happen soon after or either right before graduation. The night begun with Snapchat messages from friends, saying "OMG THE DAY HAS COME! FINALLY!" I got dressed in what seemed like 110 degree weather, and it got hotter than hell! Let me tell you that! I was wearing a full suit with a cap and gown over it. Yeah. FUCKING HOT. Well anyways, every kid, not just me, was smothered with pictures. It's normal and may be very tedious. But by the time I entered that gym to look around me, I saw everyone I was gonna see for the last time in my life. We had an hour to say our "hi"s and goodbyes. I chose to spend it wisely by saying bye to those I knew I would wish and maybe see in the near future. Why not say bye to those who you may never see again? The question I would ask myself is, "Would this person care if I didn't say goodbye?" So as the hour progressed, I said my fellow goodbyes to my peers and mentors. Once the hour came to a close, it was time to walk outside to begin the prelude to the ceremony.My heart was pounding and my hands were sweating, due to my consistent anxiety problems. After a quick pep talk, I was back on my feet into the battle to make it through graduation. A teacher told me the hour in the gym was the most treasuring moment out of that night, but I soon found that waiting outside the gates was the most treasured moment to me because it was the last time you were going to receive the feeling of 'oh wow this is going to happen.' It is kind of like that feeling of right before you get onstage, and you are the highlight of the night. (If you ever had to get up on stage) It sounds ridiculous coming out of me, but realize that once that night comes, only your closest friends are going to be by your side for the summer, and then afterwards, it is all up to you to pick your friends. Our group contained 13 people, currently, I have talked to maybe 6 or 7 of them. It is like that harsh truth you have to accept once you cross that stage. As we crossed the field, you are just scanning the bleachers to find your family, and I am telling you, they can be loud! My family was so loud that they made it in the gallery of pictures for the desert sun graduation pictures. (They were the only family, with a partial family picture of one of my best friends' families as well) It doesn't matter if you like the person you are walking next to during the walk to your seat, because you will both be feeling the same way, and man, that was the first time I talked to that guy since we started in AVID together. That moment really brings everybody together. (The graduation, not the walk, well the walk too) So this is the tedious part, you have to sit forever until they even start the speech to introduce the students to come up to receive their diploma. But then the principal gives the cue to stand, and everyone waits for each other to receive their diploma. Hint: Tell all valid victorians to make their speech funny. The audience will love it! They loved the one given by one of our valid victorians. Then, after everyone has been given their diplomas, they chant. S-E-N-I-O-R-S! SENIORS! SENIORS! SENIORS! ....and then they scream. Once you exit onto the field, it is like you walked into a wild animal park. Trying to find your family is like finding a needle in a haystack. Then, it is picture time! Photo after photo after photo; it is a nonstop photo shoot. Then you go out to eat with your friends and family to celebrate. The worst part is that after that day, it is back to reality. That is...until grad night. Back I will save that story for another day...


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The point of this whole essay is not to showcase my activities during my senior year. What I hoped to achieve throughout this essay, was to encourage you to come out of your shell and experience new and exciting things because during my senior year, I experienced the worst and best things in life. Life and Death. Life was given by the closest friends that I had, which made my senior year the most memorable, gifted moment of my life, and Death, which I learned are the regrets that dragged me down on my path to experiencing the best possible scenario for my senior year. Even if this essay did not serve as an encouragement to put forth your true self to the world, I at least hope you got a good laugh at of some of the stories I have told. I just want you to think of your senior year as the last year to do something great, or the last year with your friends. I want you to think of it as the year of rebirth. I want you to fully find yourself throughout this year, and come to find the friends you bump heads with at the end of the day. So with no further information, I bid you adeu. Have a great senior year and graduation! Make those memories count!

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