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MEGABOOK - 212 pages - Totally FREE!!!

Updated on November 30, 2015

Images from MEGABOOK

Get MEGABOOK Now from CE Publishing Group!
Get MEGABOOK Now from CE Publishing Group! | Source
Back Row Comics
Back Row Comics | Source
Martin Malin
Martin Malin | Source
Surprising Comics
Surprising Comics | Source
Gas Comics
Gas Comics | Source
Red Lion Publications
Red Lion Publications | Source
CE Publishing
CE Publishing | Source
Airship 27
Airship 27 | Source
Heroic Tencencies Productions
Heroic Tencencies Productions | Source
Wes Locher
Wes Locher | Source
Red Leaf Comics
Red Leaf Comics | Source
Twilight Star Studio
Twilight Star Studio | Source
David Soto Brown
David Soto Brown | Source
Red Bud Studios
Red Bud Studios | Source
Andrew M. Henderson
Andrew M. Henderson | Source
James Andrew Clark
James Andrew Clark | Source
CE Publishing Group
CE Publishing Group | Source


So what may you ask is MEGABOOK?!?

It's quite simply the Largest, most Massive, Humungous,Gargantuan, Enormous (FREE) Comic Book anthology in the UNIVERSE! It weighs in at 212 pages, 34 stories, 62 creators and is soo stinking heavy that when you download it to your Ipod you'll need chain suspenders to hold your pants up.

MEGABOOK is sooo Massive that when you download it to your laptop you may very well break both of your legs while lounging on the couch, and firefighters will have to use the jaws of life and a crane to remove the laptop from your battered lower extremities. And did I mention that it's totally FREE?!??

But seriously, this is an anthology book that I put together with tons of friends that showcase any comic creator who wishes to participate. We wanted to make the biggest totally FREE comic book anthology on the internet! So I called a bunch of my publishing friends and they all pitched in their creations and posted an ad on Digital Webbing asking for submissions around last November. It hit the Graphicly stands mid February and is taking the planet by storm.

I came up with this idea because I remember just how much it totally stinks to try and get your hard work published with anyone. I remember the waiting and wondering for months or years to see if anyone at all would ever publish any of the projects I had worked countless hours on. Or being told that your work is awesome and was going to be in some book and then never hearing from the publisher ever again. It's a familiar tune that everyone who has drawn a line or scripted a word has experienced at some time or another.

So when CE Publishing was so graciously accepted into the Graphicly fold, I wanted to give every opportunity to comic creators where not much exist. And also repay the amazing publishers I had worked with along the way who were willing to take a chance and publish my work, and make tons of new friends as well. MEGABOOK is basically a Limelight book to give creators and small indie publishers the press time they deserve on a an amazing digital distributor.

Here's what prose contributor Marcus Thompson had to say about it:
"MEGABOOK offers creators who write or draw in any style the chance to tell their stories. Unlike other venues, there is no discrimination against the stories that “don’t fit” because the publishers actually want to see all the great work of all of those talented people displayed for all of the world. MEGABOOK is not about catering to the market, but it is about creating opportunity."

Paper Dragon Ink review:
"In closing I highly recommend that you go to the Graphicly website and download this free monster of a book. It’s great fun and I had a real good time reading the stories. The cost can’t be beat. Free! And you might find your next thing to follow."

Each creator or publisher has their story published along with an ad page to use as they please. That and each creator has the opportunity to be interviewed and spotlighted in the fabulous COMIC BOOK INTERVIEWS website

There are a few editorial rules though since we want to market MEGABOOK to the widest audience possible. But they are very accommodating. The basic format of the book is action and adventure though. Blood, guts, gore, humor, heroes and anti-heroes, and all out action and adventure.

We all hope you enjoy it! Click on any of the links below each MEGABOOK image to the right which will send you to our comic book stand at Graphicly.

The best part of this is that there are even MORE FREE comic books on our comic stand to download and enjoy! These are NOT the crappy 10 page teasers that the stingy big publishers give you. These books are the WHOLE Enchilada! Just like MEGABOOK!

And better yet, by reading MEGABOOK you'll get a taste of 11 other fabulous publishers that you really REALLY should check out and start reading. Each one of them has my A1 "CE Publishing stamp of approval", so go out and support your local INDIE!

Red Lion Publications
Red Leaf Comics
Surprising Comics
Twilight Star Studios
RedBud Studio
Gas Comics
Back Row Comics
Airship 27
BS Comics
Heroic Tendencies Studios
Lightning Comics (a CE Publishing revival)
Comic Enterprise (CE) Publishing Group


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