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Updated on April 7, 2014

A New Day

Bailey Cramer's feet were seemingly going faster than her body could adjust to. Her heart was pounding in her chest, either from the exertion or the excitement of her first major article being published on the front page of the Kingsford Tribune. The corner news stand was two blocks away from her apartment and she wanted to get there early. She knew she could get one at the office but it was two hours before she had to go in to work and she could'nt wait that long. It was the year 1969 and the Vietnam war was ever present in the news but this was different. This was a story about a man named Andrew Taylor who Bailey had known since she was a young girl. He had been badly wounded in the war and returned to Darrington Harbor to recuperate. The calf of his left leg had been wounded to the extent that it had to be removed and scars from shrapnel were all along his torso according to the information that his mother Mary had given Bailey. Bailey and Andrew had not seen one another since the day he graduated from St. Richard's back in 1956. Mary had invited her along to keep her company. Andrew enlisted into the Navy that same summer. All the years of separation could'nt erase the memory of his face. Stubborn and determined to set out for the world of knowledge that the Navy could provide him, he had seemed to give little attention to his mother and Bailey standing on the docks practically in tears. Bailey had swallowed back her tears in fear that Andrew would perceive her as weak. Andrew's face had been blank that day, as though he wanted to hide his emotions.With Andrew's furloughs seemingly to be on the same timeline as Bailey's visits back to her hometown of Myer's Point to be with her family, the timing was always off for their paths to cross. They each had went on with their lives for all those years. But looking at the picture on the front page, Bailey still had a twinge in her chest that brought back so much of the times they had in Darrington Harbor that had been engraved in her young heart.

Bailey headed up the street to Morton's Cafe where she had been stopping by for breakfast for the past five years. Today it was more crowded than usual and the tables were full so, she chose a stool at the bar.and placed her order. Spreading the morning's newspaper on the counter, she began scanning her article on Andrew. The photograph that Mary had sent her was positioned boldly at the top of the front page with the length of the article continuing onto page two. Bailey's heart swelled with emotions from being allowed to do this piece for her paper and the man that was the owner of it's story.


Entering the double doors of the newspaper building, Bailey was stopped by her editor Craig Newman who began immediately talking about her piece in the paper. " Good article, Bailey. Really put the story out there about this man's life. I'm thinking, since you didn't talk to him personally, that you might do a more one-on-one story with the man in person. "

" You mean go to Darrington Harbor and talk to him there?" Bailey had a surprised look on her face as she responded to his suggestion. " I haven't seen him in years, Craig, what if he doesn't want a face-to-face interview? "

" Well, let's call him up and ask him first before we throw the idea away. " he said this with a smile on his face joking with Bailey about her timid reluctance to do a personal interview.

" You get in touch with him and let me know how it goes. If he's willing to do the interview, we'll set it all up for you to travel to him."

Craig didn't realise what he was asking her to do. Bailey thought all the feelings for Andrew that had been caught up in her heart as a young girl had been squelched or at least faded to a simple memory from her youth but when she was writing the article on him, the emotions that she thought were gone came back. This time, though, it had affected a woman's heart and not a young teenage girl.

With the day's end at the newspaper, Craig ventured over to Bailey's desk and offered her a ride home to her apartment. " Maybe dinner too if you would accept. " Craig and Bailey had been casually dating for a while but nothing serious according to Bailey. Craig had many times tried to make it more serious but her feelings had never gone that deep. Craig was a good looking man with broad shoulders and blond hair and a good heart. Probably all that a woman could want in a man. She had been having mixed feelings about allowing him to think their relationship could get deeper than just a friendship. She did love Craig as a good friend and maybe the hope of a deeper love for him was there in her heart. Maybe that's why she couldn't turn his invitations down very often.

" Yes, to the ride home and the dinner invitation. This time I get to pick the restaurant. " Bailey laughed as she picked up her purse and attache' case. " The last place you picked was pretty bad. " Joking with Craig was natural for Bailey because of his good nature and easy going attitude with her.

The rest of Bailey's week went by fairly quickly and she had planned to call Mary's bungalow in Darrington Harbor to try and get hold of Andrew that weekend about doing the interview for her paper. Since Andrew's discharge, Mary had been staying pretty much at the bungalow with him. The ocean house was thought to be a better place for him to recuperate from his injuries. The physical injuries should be healed by now. It would be the emotional scars that Bailey didn't know how long Andrew would need to recover from.


Mary's voice was low and strained as she answered the telephone call from Bailey that Saturday morning. Bailey quickly made her reason for the call known as she told Mary about the face to face interview that her editor wanted from Andrew. Mary promised to let Bailey know if Andrew would do the interview by that evening. Mary's voice seemed to perk up a bit while they talked a little longer over the phone. After ending the call, Bailey was curious as to the mood change Mary displayed when she mentioned coming to Darrington Harbor.

Her bags were packed and ready to go just in case Mary called to confirm Andrew's agreement to do the interview. The waiting was slow with the thoughts that he may not be willing for Bailey to come to the harbor. The thought of him not wanting to see her was a painful thought, especially remembering their friendship as young teenagers. Their time together was limited and short but Bailey had considered it as a special thing when they were together. Maybe his reaction was different than hers. Maybe that summer she spent with Mary and Andrew at the harbor didn't mean the same as it did to Bailey.

It was three o'clock in the evening when the phone finally rang with it's sound startling Bailey from a drowsy state sitting on her sofa with a book in her lap, as she tried to be patient waiting for Mary to call. It was Mary's voice on the other end of the phone and, with excitement in her voice, she told Bailey that Andrew agreed to the interview. Gathering up her camera and her luggage, Bailey loaded her vehicle in preparation for the trip. The journey would take a few hours, so she would arrive at Darrington Harbor just before sunset. She called Craig to let him know that the interview was on and that everything was set and that she would be driving her car and staying with Andrew's mother while doing the interview. After giving her instructions on being safe and keeping him informed as to how everything goes, Craig in his soft manner, told Bailey he would be waiting for her to return.

Face to Face

The drive was long coming from Kingsford and traveling south to Darrington Harbor but Bailey relished in the views that were so a part of her youth. The flowering mimosas dotted the banks as she traveled the highway. Mountain laurel was visible from the edges of the cliffs with their beautiful pinkish purple colors that made her heart sing with feelings of coming home, even though Kingsford had been her home for the past seven years. Bailey could never forget how beautiful that the south could be.

With only a few more miles to go, Bailey became anxious as to how Andrew would receive her. The thought of him not welcoming her there brought back the memory of her anticipating her very first meeting with Andrew. She hoped that it turned out as well as it did in the year 1956. As a young teenager, Andrew had been tall and slim with brown hair that lightened slightly from being in the outdoors so much. He looked the epitome of a boy that the teenage girls would chase after. That's the way Bailey thought when she first laid eyes on him years ago but surprisingly he was totally not as self confident as Bailey thought he was.

When she came in sight of Mary's bungalow, the first thing that bailey saw was the ocean peaking over the edge of the cliff that bordered the property. The word "beautiful" was totally proper to describe the vission that she saw. The closer she drove up the driveway, the more she could see the different colors of aqua blues and the tip of a wide sandy beach. Even though it had not been long since she was here, it would never fail to almost take her breath away.

The house had slightly changed with the times. Mary had elongated the porches to extend farther out from the side of the bungalow to catch the ocean views and breezes better. The shutters had been upgraded for safety with bolt latches to weather a possible storm. The trees still lined the edge of the property to serve as a wind break, if nothing but to make Mary feel safer. Pulling the car to a stop, Bailey saw the many flowers that lined the walkway and Mary down on her knees digging in a flower bed. Where was Andrew?

Mary looked up from her position on the ground and with a broad smile greeted Bailey with a wave. Bailey's steps became faster as she walked up the pathway to meet Mary. With arms outstretched Mary rose from the ground to give Bailey a warm hug. " Oh, it's so good to see you! Every time I lay eyes on you you're more beautiful than the last!" Mary gave her another big hug and suggested they go in so she could wash the dirt off of her and they could sit and have a cold drink and talk before Andrew got back.

"Where is Andrew? I thought he would be here." Bailey asked looking around.

"He had an appointment with a man at the aquarium about something. I don't ask him too much about what he does because he thinks I'm doting. And, maybe I am. He'll be back soon."

Bailey had to leave it at that, realizing that was all she was going to get out of Mary. Still, she couldn't help but wonder what he was doing at the aquarium.


The sound of noise on the front porch made both women stop talking and look toward the door. Mary with a slight dreadful look on her face and Bailey with a flutter in her voice as she stopped talking and listened to the sound of a footfall followed by scraping she presumed was a crutch on the side where Andrew had lost part of his leg.

Bailey knew the first thing he would see was her and she didn't care. She wanted him to see her. She wanted him to see how she had become a woman and not the timid young girl that he had kissed on the forehead the last time he saw her before going away to the military academy and eventually to war. She couldn't help but see how thin and weak he looked but her heart was full; so very full of love for him. His leg was missing the calf on the left side and scars were visible above the collar of his shirt from the blast that had taken part of his leg. His face shown bafflement at the sight of Bailey standing by the living room sofa and then turned to anger as he looked at his mother trying her best not to look sheepishly fearful of his reaction.

"Bailey, what are you doing here?" he asked as he gave his mother a look of disapproval. He was not ready for this yet. He felt awkward and looked upon and was not prepared for this. Especially with Bailey. She was the last person he wanted to see him like this. To save face, Andrew made his way to the easy chair by the fireplace and eased his body down into the seat and leaned his crutch against the fireplace bricks, feeling Bailey's eyes on him the whole time. To ease the tension, Mary started talking about Bailey and her job with the newspaper in Kingsford and how they wanted Bailey to interview him about his being wounded.

From what Mary was now trying to tell Andrew of why she was here, Bailey realized he knew nothing of her reason for coming.

"I did not agree to any interview, Mother. Bailey is welcome to stay but the thing that happened to me is not for public scrutiny in a big city tabloid." Andrew tried to hold back his dissapproval for Bailey's sake but he was visibly angry at Mary for bringing her here.

"Talking about it can be part of the recovery, Andrew.If nothing else, but to let other wounded soldiers know they're not alone. Be their voice for what they need to recover." Bailey entreated him, trying to draw his eyes upward towards hers but his eyes never left the empty fireplace to respond in any way.

The evening was passed in their talking and preparing supper and afterwards sitting on the side porch listening to the waves rolling in and out of the shore. It felt so natural and good to Bailey to be here with Mary and Andrew and to be able to take in all the scenery but Andrew was not very talkative through the whole evening. Tired from the long drive, Bailey went to bed early with the thought that maybe he would soften to the idea of an interview. She was kind of aggravated at Mary for the deception but she was here and would have to make the best of it, however things came out.


Bailey woke early to the sounds of activity in the kitchen and for a moment forgot why she came. Feeling the familiar joy of being at Darrington Harbor, Bailey had begun to think of things she and Mary could do with the day but as she came further awake, she remembered the reason for her being here and a little dread at the prospect of having to try to get Andrew to talk. Craig may have to be satisfied with what the paper has already printed. Andrew seemed set on keeping inside what happened to him. Two weeks may feel like an eternity if he doesn't cooperate.

Familiar sounds and smells of being here with Mary at her bungalow was a feeling of coming home to Bailey. She had spent many weekends and summer breaks here and friendships with the girls at the boarding school she attended as a teenager and later college classmates. Running around town and shopping with the girls and going to the beach was the normal time spent here with Mary. Mary had done well and stuck to her promise to Bailey's mother Sarah that she would keep her safe and watch out for her. That was the only way Sarah would allow Bailey to go such a long way off at the age of fifteen. Mary was her second mother, so to speak.Walking into the kitchen, Bailey saw Mary at the breakfast table drinking coffee and munching on a piece of buttered toast with a bowl of oatmeal sitting by her coffee cup. Looking up from her position at the table, Mary asked how her night was and what she wanted for breakfast. Bailey responded with the word "Heavenly" and that she would fix herself something to eat.

"Is Andrew up yet. I don't want to push him too much about talking to me but I really need to check in with my boss about it. He's still paying me for this two weeks that I"m here and he might change his mind if he knows Andrew won't do the interview." Pouring her coffee, Bailey turned sideways to look at Mary, only to see a sheepish look on her face.

"I'm sorry about the way I got you here Bailey but I felt I had no other way to try and get Andrew's spirit back. He's bitter and seems to have given up on doing anything. He's been spending hours at the aquarium but every time he comes back from there he's even more aloof and won;t talk to me. I don't know what else to do. Counseling can only go so far. He has to want to get better and I thought that, maybe, seeing you would bring back his dreams. He would talk to you about it when he wouldn't think of telling me anything. You two had a special bond back in 1956 when you first came here with us." Tears had welled up in Mary's eyes as she spoke of her son. "I needed your help Bailey."

Not being able to hide her own tears, Bailey sat down at the table across from Mary and with a pat on her hand, Bailey reassured Mary that it was okay, she understood.

"Andrew didn't seem very pleased to see me last night Mary. We were teenagers back in 1956 and things and emotions can change." Although her heart was about to break because of what Mary said, she tried to convince herself of that very thing that things and emotions can change. But her emotions seemed to be even more centered on Andrew.

"Do you think he might allow me to go with him to the aquarium today? Maybe that would bring back the old Andrew." Bailey suggested.

"He's already gone. He was up before daylight and on his way out the door when I got up this morning. I heard Seth's truck start up and the gravels crunching as it went down the driveway." Seth was the handyman Mary had hired to help around the place and to keep an eye on things when they were gone for a time. "We can ask him about it this evening. We have all day to catch up. How is your boss Mr. Newman doing, anyway. Has he been giving you more freedom in the articles you do for the paper?" Bailey could detect the sarcasm in Mary's voice knowing that she didn't care much for Craig even though they had only met twice. The first meeting was for Bailey's last birthday when she turned twenty-eight. Mary had surprised Bailey with a visit to Kingsford and her job at the Tribune. The moment Mary was introduced to Craig, Bailey could detect a wary look in her eyes as she observed Craig's doting behavior over her. Another time, he had brought her up here in his car because hers had been stalling and he didn't want her on the highway by herself. Mary could tell that Craig's interest was more than just being a boss to Bailey.Mary would often make it known that she did not think he was right for Bailey. "He's the same Craig, Mary. He's a good man. Isn't that what matters?"


Moving Forward

Andrew was closed mouth about where he went during the day leaving Bailey and Mary to make their own conclusion. Bailey had informed Craig of Andrew's refusal to cooperate and do the interview. He was not pleased with the information but did allow Bailey to stay at least a few more days in case Andrew changed his mind. She had been there a week already and he was just as closed mouth as he was a week ago. But his manner had softened a little, almost as though he was happy that she was there. Bailey relished in the days she had here. She took in every moment spent with Andrew and Mary in the evenings sitting by the fireplace just talking about everything from one another's families back in Myer's Point to her work and even her relationships. Mary made sure that was brought into the conversation. Surprisingly, Andrew would get a look of displeasure on his face as Bailey spoke of her few male relationships that she had. Why would he care? Or was he just avoiding that type of subject? Bailey was unsure of how to take his demeanor but surely it wasn't jealousy. Was it?

Andrew had refused to allow Bailey to tag along with him to the aquarium but had given her a maybe before she left to go back to Kingsford. That was better than saying a definite no.

One evening, Bailey and Mary were sitting on the front porch listening to the waves of the ocean when they heard Seth's truck coming up the driveway and stop. Stepping out of the driver's side was not Seth but Andrew who, with a sheepish grin, made his way up the pathway to the porch and looked almost pleased at their surprise.

"I'm learning to use my new leg." he said. "The Mustang is next." He was talking about the bright blue 1967 Mustang that had been parked in Mary's garage for over two years. Bailey had seen it briefly when the garage door was opened to allow Mary's Sedan to be taken out. Bailey guessed a Mustang would suit his personality pretty well.

Bailey was standing at the top of the porch steps looking down at Andrew, who was standing on the bottom step looking up at her. "Would you go for a ride with me Bailey? I have something I would like to show you." Just having him look so happy was a joy to her and she couldn't hide the way her heart was feeling. Forgetting that Mary was even there, Bailey's eyes held his for a long time trying to figure out how he felt about her and why he would ask only her to go. "Do I dare think that he could love me?" Bailey thought to herself. She had gotten mixed messages from him before but she was a young girl then. But being older now she knew something was there. Something more than just friendship. Or, maybe she was just feeling her own emotions.

The sound of Mary's voice brought her back to reality and that they were not alone when she said "Andrew, what other secrets have you got? Have you been sneaking around us? That's where you been going all day these past few weeks, isn't it?.......Well go with him Bailey while he's in the mood."

"Bring a bathing suit." Andrew yelled as Bailey went rushing to get her things together.

"What are you up to Andrew?" Mary asked, looking at her son sternly.

"You'll find out later, Mom. This is a surprise for Bailey right now."

Seth had brought the Mustang out of the garage and parked it at the end of the walkway ready for Andrew to drive. After helping Bailey in the passenger seat, Andrew got behind the wheel and with a slight rev of the engine he took off down the driveway with ease.

Bailey waited to see which way Andrew would turn. Left, was to the four lane going north and to John's Outlook. Bailey had yet to visit the popular resort and lodge where vacationers were there for all seasons. The lookout towers were a popular spot with the views going out for miles over the ocean on one side with the land and forests for miles on the other. Bailey had seen pictures and heard stories of the night sky reflecting on the water was worth every penny spent to be there to see it. Bailey planned to see that for herself sometime in the near future.

Right, was toward the aquarium and the marine life shelter where Andrew and Mary had taken her years ago. The aquarium had been the start of Andrew's interest in marine life. Maybe he had decided to take her there after all. The grounds had added a park and swimming pool to help supplement the aquarium upkeep. Restaurants had also been added with hotels on either side of the park. The aquarium grounds had a pretty good flow of visitors through out the year.

Bailey held her breath as Andrew turned right toward the aquarium. She had hoped that he would, although, it might mean that her visit was nearing the end.

Over top of the gates to the aquarium, Bailey could see the vast glass that was sectioned in close-nit squares that were bordered with heavy steel. The roof pitched forward at an angle on one side like half of a glass bubble. A feeling of childish excitement came over her at the sight before her eyes. It felt as though he were taking her to Disney World. The grounds had changed considerably since 1956. The buildings were more modernized and the grounds had more garden themes with ocean related decorations and shapes.

Andrew seemed pleased to see her reaction. "I knew you would like the changes. We'll go this way first." Andrew said as he led Bailey into what looked like an indoor pool area. "We'll change into our suits and then head over to the holding pens where they keep the dolphins and suit up with the under water gear over there."

"Under water?" Bailey said with a touch of nervousness in her voice. "Andrew, I've never been under water!"

"Don't worry you can watch me if you're not comfortable going in the tank."

Mary had told Bailey that Andrew had resisted doing anything in the water since he lost part of his leg. All the niggling and prodding she could do only served to make him angry, so, she had just resolved herself to leave him alone to do as he pleased.

After they had changed into their bathing suits, Andrew led her to the tank. The hub of the trainers and the little rattle like chatter that came from the dolphins as they splashed and rose and plopped back down into the water with sounds of clapping coming from the trainers.

"Andrew, can you go in there without being a trainer?" Bailey could not help but be afraid for him as she watched him suit up with the rubber suit and the whistle clipped to his wrist.

"I am a trainer, Bailey. That's what my degree is. I studied marine biology in the service but I also have a trainers license. I've been relearning how to swim with part of my leg gone. " He pointed to a dolphin with part of his tail fin missing, apparently from a shark attack, and told her how he had watched this sea animal get stronger and stronger each time he came here and the stronger the animal got the more stubbornness he felt to do the same. With Andrew getting stronger in his swimming and more confident in the water, the aquarium had hired Andrew as a supervising trainer. His job was mostly to lead the others in how to do the therapeutic movements and help regain confidence to the sea animals. But lately he had been allowed to go into the water to train with the animals himself.

"Don't worry. They won't let me in there by myself.......yet." Andrew said in response to the worried look on Bailey's face.

Bailey sat back on the side bench and watched him work. Turning the dolphins this way and then that way with the simple movement of his hand. He tread the water like it was his second nature to be in it. Bailey could not help but have tears in her eyes as she watched him work. Pride and joy filled her heart and the longing to have this man's love was almost more than she could bare.

This is where he had been going these past few weeks and, apparently, before she came to the harbor. Bailey thought that he had given up on everything but she sees now that she was wrong. She had badly underestimated his stubbornness and determination. Even Mary was not privy to Andrew's secret.

After watching him train for a good half an hour, Bailey watched him come out of the pool and retrieve his prosthetic and place it on the lower part of his left leg and walk to the bench where she sat waiting.

They spent another hour at the park pool allowing Bailey to have her turn in the water, then they dressed and had a late lunch at the café next door to the aquarium just like back in 1956.

Bailey didn't know if it was the excitement of the day or whether he really wanted to be close to her but Andrew took her in his arms and with a warm hug he kissed her. Not like thirteen years ago on the forehead but on the lips. Surprise and a feeling that this was where she was supposed to be, in his arms. Then his voice became evident to her as he said "You are the only one I felt naturally could understand how I feel, Bailey. I had to share this with you. I was on my way to trying to get better and I was improving but when you came I felt even more ashamed for not trying harder, so, I got to work.

Not knowing how to take his words, Bailey pulled away putting distance between them. The feeling of his lips was still present in her mind. Knowing she had to come back to reality, Bailey spoke with a flat voice as she thanked him for his words. She wanted to cry. To run and hide somewhere and cry. How should she read his holding her in his arms and kissing her. She wished he would just tell her. Tell her something definite. Is he so used to the touch of a woman that he could hold her so easily and not have to feel love for her. It meant something to Bailey. Something so much that the memory could never be erased.

Their ride back to the bungalow was quiet, almost constrained. Andrew was seemingly baffled at Bailey's lack of conversation, thinking maybe she was tired from the day.

Mary met them at the door and asked about the day. Bailey left Andrew to tell Mary all about his news and excused herself to go on to her room where she tried to sleep.

Andrew was gone when Bailey awoke the next morning. She knew she had to leave today. She had put herself through enough pain being here with him in the first place. Nothing was accomplished and nothing was resolved. No interview was done and that's why she came.


Andrew came home early. "For lunch." he said. Keeping his eyes on Bailey as she moved around the bungalow gathering her things together and filling her suitcases to prepare to leave for the trip to Myer's Point to see her family. Bailey tried to keep a pleasant and upbeat look on her face but it was a difficult thing to do.

Andrew insisted they go down to the beach with a picnic lunch before she leaves. Bailey had planned on traveling to John's Outlook to spend the night and get a fresh start in the early morning. She would at least enjoy a few hours of the views from the outlook in the night sky.

The waves of the ocean were moving slowly inward toward the shore, when they arrived at the beach. Andrew suggested they stay closer to the boardwalk, with the water being more rough today. A storm had been spotted out at sea and was due to reach shore by the next evening.

Andrew tried to see what emotions were behind Bailey's eyes but she kept a blank look on her face. It was a way of protection for her after yesterday's excitement.

"Bailey, talk to me. Did I do something to offend you? Why are you so silent? You're never silent." Andrew was desperate to get her to respond.

"What do you want me to say, Andrew? That your kissing me meant nothing? That your holding me in your arms meant nothing? Is that what it meant to you nothing? Talk to me, Andrew and tell me how you feel. Tell me what you feel." Bailey tried to keep calm as she talked. "I don't know how to feel, Andrew when you won't tell me how you feel. It's not an every day thing for that to happen to me......I'm confused. Tell me how you feel about what happened." Bailey looked him in the eyes and waited for his response but none came. He even seemed uncomfortable with her question.

"I need time, Bailey. I'm not good enough to take on relationship with anyone yet. I have a lot more work to be done on myself. Maybe, in time, I can be enough for you, Bailey. I don't feel whole yet. If you'll just give me time and wait......."

"Wait? Andrew, how long will it take you to figure out if your whole enough for me?" Bailey fought back the tears not daring to let him see her cry. "Andrew, I'm not going to wait. You make up your mind now, today. Tell me how you feel so I can go on and live my life. And I have a life, Andrew! A good and kind man is waiting for me to tell him things can become more serious with him. He's waiting for me to tell him what he wants to hear."

With the feeling of resolve, Andrew left Bailey to do as she would. "Maybe she would be better off with this Craig, anyway." he thought to himself. The thing was, what happened the day before had shook him and made him realize what Bailey meant to him. It felt natural to hold her in his arms.

With tears and promises to be back soon, Bailey waved goodbye to Mary and to Andrew, who was standing in the doorway, watching her drive away. As she reached the main road, she turned left onto the four lane and traveled in the direction of John's Outlook. Wiping the tears away as she drove. Confusion and hurt still filled her heart. Could she really do what she said she would do? Let Craig into her life. Did she even feel anything even close to love for Craig? She knew that her feeling for Craig were no where near to what she felt for Andrew. He wanted her to give him time. She needed no time. Bailey knew she felt love for Andrew and coming here and seeing him had caused her to hurt instead of feeling joy.


Mary looked at her son standing there watching Bailey drive away and looking as though he wanted to physically stop the car from moving away"Andrew, what happened between you two? Bailey seemed so tense and quiet the day you took her to the aquarium."

Andrew told her what had happened and how it had brought out some emotions between them. He told her how Bailey had confronted him about it. How she tried to get him to say what he felt.

"How do you feel, Andrew? Do you love her? She needs to know that. She needs to hear you say it." Mary made Andrew look at her as she spoke. "Andrew, do you love her?"

"I've got some things to do, Mom. I'll be gone for a few days. Seth will be here with you if the storm comes and he'll take you closer inland if it does."

Mary heard Andrew in his room packing an overnight bag for his journey. Mary got no answer when she asked where he was going.

Andrew waved to his mother as he sped down the driveway in his blue Mustang. Not long after he was gone, Seth's truck came rattling up the driveway. The first words he said was "Where was Andrew going? He was headed toward the four lane in the direction of John's Outlook. Going pretty fast too. Hope he doesn't get stopped by the highway patrol!"

Mary got a bright smile on her face and said "He'll be alright. He's going after what he wants."


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