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Updated on March 18, 2008



When I Was a teen, the only thing I would listen to was Rock! you know, if your old enough to remember Groups like Aero Smith.. Blue oyster cult..Steve Miller band.. and one man in particular.. for me anyway, the Master of disaster, the ten fingers of doom, the motor city Mad Man! Well his name is Ted Nugent, not to many people like him,but man can he play the guitar. Yes he is repulsive sometimes, well most of the time, but he was and still is so full of energy. He cant sing worth a crap! but he can sure put on a show. Anyway, sorry for getting on the ted trip. Iv'e come a long ways in what I like to listen to, I now like country, the newer stuff like Rascall Flatts, especially the their song Skin, or otherwise known as Sarabeth. I love a lot of the newer Christian music, like the News Boys,,,, Third Day... Fly leaf,,Casting Crows. Changing the subject for just a minute, I love the guitar, I play a little, but not very good, but it's very relaxing for me, anyway i found a young fellow on you tube from France, he is only 17 and he is simply amazing at playing the guitar. anyone who appreciates music, should go and check him out all I know is that he goes by mattrach, if you type that in you should find him. This kid will blow you away!!! pure talent, I pray that he stays clean and has a great life, maybe he will lead the younger generation to the Lord.


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    • dhoosier profile image

      dhoosier 9 years ago from Shelton Washington

      Yes he is full of talent, he has about 36 videos and there all amazing. I play the guitar, just self taught for relaxing purposes, but this kid is just a blessing to watch!! when I come home from work i just let everthing fade away that was bad that day. I joke with him and tell him i get carpul tunnel just watching his fingers move.

    • WeddingConsultant profile image

      WeddingConsultant 9 years ago from DC Metro Area

      Wow, that kid is crazy good! Thanks for sharing the video. Sheesh, he puts most to shame.