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Updated on July 30, 2013


I wish I had a new start,

Someone who can mend my heart,

Teach me how to live again,

Have fun, Enjoy life, Until the end.

Someone I can trust and call my own,

Smile with and make a happy home,

I wonder often if that day will come...

If he and I would ever be together as one.

Time has stopped so many times,

That often I wonder if he will be mine...

The good days,

The bad days,

Until the end...

In this real time,

He's just a friend.

I miss him dearly,

With all my heart,

Sometimes I wish,

For that new start.

I want someone,

Who loves just me...

And know that he is my destined to be.

I hope one day that day will come,

So we can live our life together as one,

Smile with me if you agree,

That sometimes things were meant to be...

Written by: JLono

Copyright 2010


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