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Updated on February 24, 2012


I who have loved you so well, am now in the depths of a dank and lonely Well.

The flicker of the light of the crescent moon tugs me with its horns, and clearly irradiates my Doom.

My future is foretold by the nature of my deep and lonely cell.

The rank smell reminds me of Les Fleurs de Mal.

The evil scent of the rotting buds, the ones you stole so well, and gave so slyly, fail to hide your empty deceitful self.

The slimy hole I cannot climb, is You, as well.

The glimmer of the inconstant moon, reflected on the slick and oily surface iin which I flail is like the last faint glimmer of a hope that still all will be well.

The smooth sides of the ancient Well are only now beginning to crack.

Their still unscalable walls attract my finger nails and offer a stairway out of this oubliettte you thought you constructed so well..

The painless bite of the unseen leeches you bled me with so slyly and so well are with me to tell of the life you so nearly sucked out of me, so, so well.

The rotting stench reminds me of your corrupt identity so well.


Meaning and memories does this poem mean anything to anyone who may read it

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Bad Valentine Toughts


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