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Updated on November 13, 2011



Life has been called a general drama of pain with occasional interludes of happiness. If we accept this sombre view of life, it would be almost impossible to traverse the strenuous journey that lies before us. We have got to accept the universe as it is. We must not demand the impossible, and we shall be doing more harm than good if we try to imagine perfect things in a perfect world. We must try to make the best of the time in which we live. It is a debatable issue as to what constitutes happiness. The concept of happiness differs from person to person. But one thing is certain : life is a happy experience if we wish to make it so and it is a tale full of sound and fury if we are inclined to look at the darker aspects of life.

Life can be made happy if a basic requirements are fulfilled : (a) Some of the most important human values of life should be honoured. There should be co-operation and unity, jealousy, hatred and ill-will should not be there. (b) One should have the freedom to choose one's work. Work should be decent with a wage attached to it. (c) Subordination of one man to another is one of the most important causes of unhappiness. So there should be no class-subjection or sex-subjection. (d) We should cultivate the idea of universal brotherhood. (e) There should be peace and security for everyone.

Happiness is a habit of mind, a permanent state of well being. A happy man will remain contented and smiling even amidst heavy odds. Happiness is in no way confined to sumptuous meals, financial soundness and other such things. These are happy moments that leave no trails of glory when they terminate. But we cannot expect a man to be contented in the absence of these momentary pleasures. It brings us to the conclusion that pleasures are also needed to achieve mental poise. There are some basic requirements which have already mentioned in previous paragraph and those basic requirements have to be fulfilled to bring about a general feeling of happiness.

I don't wish people to worship money, and money alone will not lead to happiness, but it is needless to say that it is essential for dignified living. The world of my imagination is based on the ideals of justice, peace, friendship and fraternity. There would not be no jealousy, no ill-will, no hatred in my world. I look upon people to live in a climate of mutual tolerance. The should not looked down upon, they should not be made to feel disgusted with life. Everyone should live with co-operation and fellow-feeling. We would be happier if we learnt to face life unitedly.

Love is the lamp of life, it is the noblest sentiment; it is force that unifies hearts It is the principle of harmonious life. We must break the walls of narrow nationalism and chant with James Kirkup, " No men are foreign, no countries strange ". We should accept the world as one large family inhabited by all of us. We should develop the world the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. The citizens of the world should rise in revolt and refuse to hat their brothers. We would make our world much happier if we could adopt the motto: with malice towards none, with charity for all.

We live in and age of fear, hatred and violence, an age in which all prospects of peace and security are chilled. Peace and security are indispensable to human happiness. In the absence of peace and security it is almost impossible to produce creative literature and help the growth of other fine arts. Culture and civiilisation lose their progressive dynamism and eternal values it there is no veneration of ideals. To sum up my views of a happy world is rooted in the propagation of human dignity, removal of disparities, abolition of subjection, administering justice and perpetuation of peace and security.


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