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MY VIRTUAL FANTASY - Anything Is Possible

Updated on June 19, 2013

My cottage in Bordeaux, France....

I bet you thought you would click this and see some "juicy stuff!" Right?!!! ha......

Well I'm writing about the desire to see my life play out in my own virtual movie so I can actually see if I like it or not just incase I may want to change anything? Wouldn't that be cool?! I'm not talking about "alternative reality" games on-line where you can become someone else in some sort of cartoon character and live a life of your dreams in some "already programmed place." I'm talking about "dreaming about somewhere you want to be" or "living a life you want to live" and actually building your thoughts into some sort of program in virtual space so you can REALLY check it out before you purchase that cute little cottage over the internet or sign up for that life long dream of becoming a Psychologist or Professor of Strange Bugs in Asia. Sort of like a virtual map with people and village shops included where you actually walk through your dream or "fantasy." All the villagers can all sign releases or get paid a fee so you can actually see what it looks like for real before you wire about $200,000 to some real estate company in France or India. VOILA! OK, no "big brother" comments please! ha ha


Imagine.....My cottage...

Like my cottage in Bordeaux, France for example. I know exactly how I want it to look. I can see all the details in my mind and I'm thinking I will have this within the next 10 years but I live in America and this will be my home for a very long time. Having an adorable writer's cottage in France is one of my goals with the idea of being there for a couple of months a year in the future while I write my best selling novels and have lots of great cheese. The successful novels I always speak about where I make a fortune and give some of the proceeds to Defenders Of Wildlife or The Wildlife Fund to save animals from disappearing forever. Sounds divine don't you think?!!! Oh yes! And let's not forget the Pulitzer prize!

Well I know a bit of French, but I need to brush up on it since it has been so long since I used the language. I have been to Paris and other places a few hours away from where the ferry pulls in from Dover, England. My old babysitter just moved to Bordeaux which is in the middle of France. Sounds like a great idea!!!....THEN I can get to Paris or the South in no time!!! Qui Qui!!!! But what if it turns out not to be the place where I want to be at anyway?!!!

Wouldn't it just save a whole lot of time and money by creating this virtual fantasy in a sort of "Dream program?" That is my point! Real estate photo's of cottages in a foreign country on the web is just not enough for someone living in America. That's unless you have millions to burn...but what I'm looking for is a "feeling" and a place that I can bond with like minds, enjoy a beautiful place and feel total comfort so that I can write and be happy and maybe even grow old there. Who knows?

And also let's not forget good cheese, lovely lavender in the gardens, chocolate everything and a cozy stone fireplace to drink hot cocoa in front of!!

A Brand New Profession...

Let's not even think about the fact that I'm in my 40's and already have about "5" careers. The point is what if I woke up one day and decided to become a Psychologist. Sounds great....hmmm? Well this is the main reason for this "Fantasy program." In the "Fantasy program" I get to see what it is really like to be that profession with real patients in real time and then after about a week I can decide. I mean the first thing I would have to do is go back to school and this will cost a lot of money and time. But what if I got to see what it was all like in this "program." Sort of like virtual "real time" training and then having my office where I meet patients?

What if I have to meet with a bunch of loonies and then decide NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! ha ha

So My point Is....

I have met so many people in my life that decided to completely change their lives into their 40's or later. Some of these people spent many years going to school for a profession that their parents wanted them to succeed in and at one point they thought that is what they wanted. Many people changed their minds because their lives changed so much they felt that they were living a lie. Some just wanted a better "quality of life." There are so many reasons why people change their minds so many years later and I have only mentioned a few. Age and time play a major role in decision making and I feel if there was some sort of "fantasy program" where people can really "play out" their desires and experiences and live it, then maybe they can get a better idea of what their life would be like if they were to take that path.

I know, my article is sounding a bit like a sci-fi movie! But you get the point....even if I could have seen things a while back, maybe I could have gotten where I am sooner.

Sort of like a "fortune cookie of time." Maybe my cottage in France is really right where I live now.....maybe it has been here all along......

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    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 5 years ago from California

      Ausseye! You made me laugh a lot! So true.....The adventure of life! Ahhhhh......what will happen next?! ha . Well it would be a good real estate game? ha. I guess since my world has always been a world of "new roads travelled," and although I planned everything deep in my would be nice one day for someone else to just say "here, G.....this is the place where you can live until the end of time. Enjoy your garden and the scenery.....without me actually doing everything! A vacation of the mind perhaps? ha.......a blissful moment where someone just gives me that gift......without me having to disappear to some place where monks hang out? OK....I'm being silly! Lovely to see you here Ausseye.......Always fun to read your thoughts! G

    • profile image

      Ausseye 5 years ago

      Hi G: Great idea made me look at it a bit. Virtual, Near, Practical , Effective, Fundamental, Essential, Implicit, Actual are all reflective of what we could experience…….but life is a dice with more than six numbers….do you really want to know which number makes your world. The exotic gamble is life and we put all our hard earned experience on the table, risk it all and let the dice roll. No predictability, has it’s down side ….look at the Big Rip…the universe disappears into shattered atoms…..ok it will take time and your house in France will be rubble …but a safe road may not be a s satisfactory as …..good old chance. For me the road not travelled will always be the adventure to go on in the future!!! Great computer game which can never be universal, too many atoms to consider!!

    • GPAGE profile image

      GPAGE 5 years ago from California

      KoffeeKlatch Gals...thank you so much for your comment! Well I guess just using our imagination and creating goals is enough but it would be nice to see how everything unfolds in a visual journey.....Best, GPAGE

    • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

      Susan Haze 5 years ago from Sunny Florida

      I think it would benefit everyone to take a vitual trip through like as we would like it. It tends to give us the ambition to get out and work and reach our goals. Very interesting.